android p developer preview available see whats new

Android P Developer Preview available See What’s New

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Android P developer preview is mostly focused on the changes that will affect developers. Google VP of engineering Dave Burke is calling this “an early baseline build for developers only,”. This means this preview is only for developers.

The main feature in Android P developer preview that is built-in support for “display

cutout support” for notch display phones. Because of this preview is only for developers, the developers will be able to test how an app(full-screen app) works in the full-screen mode with notches the new tools Google is releasing today.

Here are some notable changes for developers-

User Interface changes in Android P Developer Preview 1
  • New UI for settings/quick settings
  • New notification style for messages
  • New transition/notification expansion animations
  • Updated Pixel Launcher with voice search icon and more prominent dock
  • Battery saver no longer shows orange warning
  • Always on display shows battery info and centers notifications
  • New Easter Egg.
  • About phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window.
 Some other changes in Android P Developer Preview 1
  • Built-in screenshot editor.
  • Screenshot button in power menu
  • Text selection zoom (like iOS)
  • Battery saver can now be scheduled.
  • Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single mode
  • Volume buttons now control media volume by default
  • Adaptive Brightness is now much more useful as it actually changes the base brightness level
  • Hotspot can be turned off automatically if no devices are connected
  • Rotation can be locked to landscape mode
  • Multi-Bluetooth HFP/A2DP support
  • Individual Wi-Fi networks can now be set to metered/unmetered
  • Private DNS (DNS-over-TLS)
  • Vibration controls in Accessibility Settings
  • Accessibility option to disable all animations
  • System trace tool is now built-in
  • Recently posted notifications are now shown in notification settings

Let’s take a look in detail at UI Changes

Material Design-

It doesn’t have a name yet but we can expect its name will be Material Design 2. Android P has made changes to the quick settings tiles and to the settings pages, but there are also more minor changes to the status bar. The icons in settings all have own colors. The quick settings toggles are all now rounded and are blue when enabled. Now, we can’t expand quick settings tiles within the notification shade. See Screenshots below-

android p developer preview available see whats new

New notification panel-

In Android P notifications will have a new style. Now you can see full conversations as well as stickers and images also. When you long-press on a notification, the options will appear “stop notifications” or “keep showing.” So, no need o go in the setting.

New Transition Animations-

There are new animations for transitioning between activities, and new animations for opening an activity from the notifications. See the video.

Changes in Pixel Launcher-

A very fine change in the Pixel Launcher is that the search bar now has a microphone icon. The background is also more dominant so it’s clearer where the dock begins and the rest of the launcher ends.

What were your expectations?


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