macOS 10 14 dark mode Apple News app

macOS 10.14 with dark mode and an Apple News app

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) for 2018 is about to get underway tomorrow, and that usually means a plethora of updates on software for iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs, and all the other gear Apple makes. It looks like one new macOS feature just leaked out early. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted that one of the 30-second […]

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iPhone XI iPhone X2 may launch September

iPhone XI or iPhone X2 may launch in September

Apple’s iPhone 11 – whether it’s called the iPhone XI or iPhone X2 – could launch as soon as September, meaning we may already be halfway to the official release date. The timing for the new iPhone 2018 shouldn’t surprise anyone. Apple’s smartphone-focused keynotes routinely take place in early September. That’s news for no one. […]

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Etisalat offering iPhone iPad devices low AED 165 per month

Etisalat offering iPhone and iPad devices as low as AED 165 per month

What’s better that buying one Apple product? The answer to that is buying two Apple products. Consumers that live inside Apple’s ecosystem know how easily data flows between two Apple products and Etisalat is giving you the option to do exactly that. Etisalat is offering its subscribers a bundle that offers the iPhone as well […]

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