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Six things you should know about the ‘Internet of Things’

Six things you should know about the ‘Internet of Things’

The Internet of Things (IoT) may lead to more efficiency in our daily lives. “Things” are, well, “things”. Stuff. Objects. Everything from your light switches to your car tyres to your yoghurt pots. At least 40% of Australian households now have at least one home “Internet of Things” device.

Australia has no specific laws aimed at addressing IoT issues, and current laws intended to protect consumers have gaps and uncertainties when dealing with IoT devices.

six things know internet things

1) Your devices can spy on you (and your kids)

Many IoT device manufacturers and suppliers show little regard for customers’ privacy. Consumer electronics company Vizio recently agreed to pay US regulators US$2.2 million, after allegedly failing to get appropriate consent from users to track their TV viewing habits.

2) Many IoT devices are vulnerable to hacking

IoT devices were recently involved in some of the largest “distributed-denial-of-service” attacks – flooding websites with traffic until they crash. The recent huge attacks on internet company Dyn and on the security researcher Brian Krebs were in large part fuelled by hacked IoT devices.

3) Your devices are never really yours, even after you pay for them

Most IoT devices come with some form of embedded software, and the devices won’t work properly – or sometimes at all – without it. This software is usually licensed, not sold, and the conditions imposed through license agreements can hinder users’ repairing, modifying or reselling their devices.

4) Your devices know your weaknesses

IoT devices have the potential to collect more intimate data about individuals than was possible with previous devices. This data can then be used to create profiles that give incredible insight into consumers, and can even predict their behavior.

5) It’s almost impossible to know what you’re getting yourself into, or how long it will last

Many IoT products are complex hybrids of software, hardware, and services, often provided by more than one supplier. What your rights are when things go wrong, and who best to fix it for you, can be hard to figure out.

Revolv, a maker of home automation devices, was shut down after the company was acquired by Nest, which was itself acquired by Google. Nest refused to support Revolv’s products, and they stopped working less than two years after being released.

6) The law may not protect you

Many IoT devices put consumer privacy at risk, but the Privacy Act has significant limitations, as the definition of “personal information” is very narrow. The Act doesn’t even apply to many Australian companies, as they do not meet thresholds such as having A$3 million in annual turnover.

So Proceed with caution and think before purchase and use. Also, take care your children in this digital world.


CBSE 12th Result 2017: CBSE 12th Results Today, Click Here To See

CBSE 12th Result 2017: CBSE 12th Results Today, Click Here To See


The CBSE Board’s 12th Class examination result will be declared today. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that the result of the examination can be seen at 9 am on the official website of CBSE. Earlier, CBSE’s result was to come on May 24. The results of the 12th coming day will be seen on the student website and

How to check results?

To view the results, first click or . Then click on cbse 12th result 2017 link. Fill in the necessary information here. Then click the Submit link. When you complete it, your result will be in front of you. Click here to view the results- or

Let the Delhi High Court ban the removal of the moderation policy on behalf of the CBSE board. At the same time, the cops were examined under the new policy this time in CBSE. Moderation was removed in the new policy. After the court’s decision, Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that the results of the CBSE will be announced on their own schedule. He had said that the board will continue to give Grace marks.

This year’s 12th exams were held between 9 March 2017 and 29 April 2017, in which 10,98,981 students participated. Which was 2.82 percent higher than the previous year. 12th class examinations were organized at 10,678 centers across the country. On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court gave the final order to continue the CBSE for its Moderation Policy Session, 2016-17, to give Grace Marks for difficult questions, which had already ended by the Board.

The reason behind this was the fact that it used to get around 8 to 10 points for students, due to which the number of students who scored 95 percent and above had increased. Given the increasing competition in college admissions and the increasing number of students who scored more than 95 per cent, the Board had taken such a decision. In December last year, CBSE had terminated the moderation policy on the application of HRD.

How to Prevent: WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

How to Prevent WannaCry Ransomware Attacks?


Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack where hackers can take control of your computer. On Friday, a large-scale cyber-attack was launched, affecting computers in 150 countries, and in less than a day.

The biggest ransomware attack yet, WannaCry was temporarily stopped in its tracks by a British researcher by registering an obscure web address, even as it infected 200,000 computers worldwide.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind to protect yourself from ransomware attacks-

Never Run Any Untrusted Files

If you receive an email from an unknown source, or an executable file that you don’t trust, never click on it. Discard it into your junk/ spam folder, or delete the file, and empty the recycle bin.

Moreover, Windows OSes since Vista have a security feature called User Account Control, which restricts unauthorized programs, such as the ransomware in question, from full administrative access. If an unknown app brings up a UAC prompt, steer clear of giving it any such permission.

If you want to run an untrustworthy program, run them inside a virtual environment. In such a scenario, the program can’t interact with any other files on your computer. Security researchers use this method to study malware but you shouldn’t try it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Be Updated And Don’t Use Outdated Or Pirated OSes

The biggest reason for WannaCry’s success- 

  1. Most institutions, corporations and government agencies had been running an unsupported version of Windows, or an outdated one – XP in most cases – owing to a lack of funding for their IT department.
  2. The other issue was that there’s a heavy culture of software piracy in countries such as India, China, and Russia, where businesses, and even government offices, were using pirated copies of Windows, which don’t always have the required security updates.

Never TurnOff Automatic Update

Having the latest Windows OS installed – Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 – isn’t enough, you should have the most recent (May 2017) updates installed.

Here’s how you can make sure you receive automatic updates on the supported Windows systems. If you don’t see some of the options below, make sure you’re logged in with an administrative account.

On Windows 7 –

  1. Head to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update.
  2. On the left-hand side, choose Change settings.
  3. Under Important updates, make sure it says Install updates automatically (recommended).
  4. Check all the other boxes on the page, and then click OK.

On Windows 8.1 –

  1. Hit Win key + X, and click Control Panel.
  2. Head to System and Security > Windows Update.
  3. On the left-hand side, choose Change settings.
  4. Under Important updates, make sure it says Install updates automatically (recommended).
  5. Check all the other boxes on the page, and then click OK.

On Windows 10 –

  1. Hit Start key, and click on the Settings gear icon.
  2. Head to Update & security, and then click Windows Update on the left.
  3. On the right, choose Advanced options.
  4. Under Choose when updates are installed, make sure it says Current Branch, and that both the values for feature and quality update are set to 0.
  5. Check the first two boxes, and close the window.

If you’re on an old Windows machine and haven’t been infected yet, install Microsoft’s emergency patch MS17-010. In the future, stay away from pirated/ unsupported Windows since you won’t receive timely updates, and make sure you’re using a version – Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 – that will get security updates in the long run.