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Anti-Collision Vehicle Management System “Road That Honk” A Very Smart Device For Our Safety

Anti-Collision Vehicle Management System “Road That Honk”.

Technology can do anything for improving our day-to-day lifestyle. HP Lubricants and Leo Burnett India have now developed an anti-collision vehicle management system – Roads That Honk. They claimed it is first of its kind, it will make use of Smart-life poles that will warn of approaching vehicles on both sides with the help of a horn.

“2016 recorded numerous accidents across national highways and this is a major concern for local and state administration. We are glad to have been behind an innovation that harnesses the power of technology and uses radar signals to intimate drivers. We are confident that #RoadsThatHonk will significantly reduce accidents and save several lives every year. Every life saved is a measure of success and reinstates our belief that #RoadsThatHonk has the potential for further scale on highways across the length and breadth of the country,”.

India Rank 4th on Cyber Threats, Not On The Top But We Have Chance

India rank 4th on cyber threats, As the risk of cyber threats, looms over enterprises going digital, a Symantec study reveals that India ranks fourth when it comes to online security breaches, accounting for over 5% of global threat detection. The US and China occupy the top two slots and together make for almost 34%, followed by Brazil and then India.

While China has managed to bring down hacks from nearly 24% in 2015 to under 10% in 2016, India saw instances of fraud increase from 3.4% in 2015 to 5.1% in 2016.

The use of email as an infection point also rose, becoming a weapon of choice for cyber criminals and a dangerous threat to users.Symantec data reveals that in the last eight years, more than 7 billion online identities have been stolen in data breaches.


World’s First Truly Private Smartphone

McAfee, who is now the CEO of MGT Capital Investments, has uploaded the first prototype image of the “John McAfee Privacy Phone” on twitter which he calls the “world’s first truly private smartphone.”

The device is being developed MGT itself which also focuses on cyber security. Last, year a Hacker Advisory Group was formed inside the company to work on security related technologies.

According to an earlier MGT blog post, the first lot of production would include 160,000 units priced somewhere around $350 depending on the specifications. The device would be running a modified Android operating system.

JIO Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

Reliance Jio prepaid and postpaid plans have been updated to give Jio Prime users data benefits till June-end.

For prepaid Jio customers

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For postpaid Jio customers

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BlackBerry BBC100-1

A mysterious BlackBerry device has been spotted on Indonesian regulator’s website. Listed as BBC100-1 on the Asian country’s e-Certification database POSTEL, the device comes from a company called BB MERAH PUTIH, PT.

The DTEK60 is BBA100-1, and the yet-to-be-unveiled ‘Mercury’ is BBB100-1, it’d be reasonable to assume that the BBC100-1 is a brand new BlackBerry phone.

The BBC100-1 could be 1st Blackberry’s dual SIM smartphone the phone is powered by Snapdragon 425 SoC, and sports a 5.5-inch HD display. RAM is 4GB, while internal memory is 32GB. In terms of camera, the handset features a 13MP rear unit and an 8MP front shooter. A 3,000mAh battery is there to keep the lights on.


The ZUK Z1 is Dead, It Will Be Not Longer Available

The death of a smartphone is always a moment of sadness. I would like to take out a minute of silence of the Lenovo ZUK Z1.

Lenovo, ZUK, and Cyanogen had gone through some sort of issue. This issue ultimately led to the two separating and Cyanogen no longer supporting OTA updates for the Zuk Z1 model. How sad for a smartphone packed with 3 GBs of RAM, a Quad-Core 2.5 GHz processor and a 4100 mAh battery.

For current ZUK Z1 owners, if you are looking to upgrade from Lollipop to newer versions of Android than modding is your only solution. Thanks to independent developers, custom MODS are available for the ZUK Z1 and other smartphones. These MODS allow users to use the latest versions of Android, but could possibly brick their devices in the process.