Google Fuschai OS Replace Android OS Chrome OS

Google Fuschai OS may Replace Android OS and Chrome OS

Fuschai OS Google News & Updates

Google Fuschai OS Replace Android OS Chrome OS

As we know that the Search engine company Google becomes a producer of most popular Operating System Android. Currently for the smartphone and tablet there is Android OS which is released almost ten (10) years ago. The Google Fuschai OS started getting abuzz in year 2016. But this is still mystery in the tech industry. So Topkhoj got some news about Fuschai OS

What is Google Fuschai OS?

Google Fuschia OS started getting abuzz when the developing application was hosted at GitHub in year 2016. Currently Android OS and Chrome OS are based on Linux kernal. But Fuschai is said to be not based on current Kernal which is Linux Kernal. The report said that the Fuschia OS is developed by using Google’s own microkernel called Zircon.

Report also suggests that “Travis Geiselbrecht, the same developer who made NewOS kernel which runs HaikuOS, is the same man behind Google Fuschia”.

The application slowly started to taking form as showcased with its new user interface from year 2017 by one of the active developers of the project.

There are more rumors about this new OS but one strong rumor claims that Fuschia could be the next big thing form Google. And Google might use it to replace its flagship mobile OS, Android.

This is not happening the first time that the tech giant company has planned for developing a third OS. If you remember, in the Google timeline, there was a project called “Andromeda” which was aimed at bringing some of Chrome’s features to Android.

Now, the Andromeda is officially cancelled for future developments. 9To5 Google’s managing editor claims that “Fuschia” may, after all, be its spiritual successor.

The UI for Fuschai mobile version is called Armadillo which is nothing but barebones as there is not an app running on it, yet. Google Fuschai OS also includes split screen for multitasking.

On the other hand, for desktops there is the Capybara UI. At this stage, Fuschia for the desktop is not much astray from Chrome OS with many resemblances but only with the addition of action button, taskbar, and options in one corner.

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