Are you a big fan of Jio or not, you know what you are? I think everybody is a fan of Jio or we can say, a fan of Reliance industry.

Here I’m talking about “BigFlix”. Everybody knows about NetFlix, but did you know about BigFlix. BigFlix is the Anil Ambani-owned firm, has given a facelift to its subscription-based movie streaming service on low subscription cost.

The new version will be available in India and across the world at Rs. 50 / $1.99 per month, after a one-month free trial. The plan offers five user profiles, and HD quality streaming on up to five devices simultaneously. The new Bigflix has over 2,000 titles across nine languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Bengali. It has tied up with the likes of Dharma, Disney, Viacom, Phantom, Telegu One and Rajshri.


In terms of pricing, Bigflix is more expensive than its Amazon rival – Rs. 600 for a year vs Rs. 499 per year. It’s still cheaper than other competitors; Hotstar costs Rs. 199 per month and Eros Now offers HD content at Rs. 99 per month.

You can download or stream movies on Bigflix from your Android and iOS devices, smart TVs, PCs, and game consoles.

Reliance JIO Broadband

Reliance Jio Says It Has 108.9 Million Subscribers

Jio has launched offers to turn its free users into paying customers via ultra-low cost data plans, and other freebies. It crossed 50 million subscribers in just 83 days, and 100 million in 170 days, adding at an average rate of 6 lakh subscribers per day. Jio also revealed that its users consuming 110 crores GB of data per month and make roughly 220 crore minutes of voice and video calls 220 crores a day. Nearly 10 million Lyf and JioFi products sold in a financial year.

Jio also confirmed about Home Broadband service. Reliance Jio is also working on the roll-out of its Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service and has started beta trials in some locations. It also said the scope of beta trials would be expanded over the next few months. Jio industry says, Jio has the world’s largest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network, with over 100,000 mobile towers, and it will add another 100,000 towers to the network in the coming months.

The Best New Upcoming Smartphone in 2017

Are you planning to upgrade your current smartphone? Wait, and read the latest news and rumor on upcoming Smartphone in 2017.

  1.  Apple iPhone 8
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8
  3. Google Pixel 2
  4. Xiaomi Mi6 & Mi Mix 2
  5. HTC U
  6. OnePlus 5
  7. Nokia 8
  8. Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  9. BlackBerry KEYone

The best new upcoming Smartphone in 2017 can change the way of using a gadget. It will offer great performance and longer battery life. Just say thanks to Snapdragon 835 Chipset, it will provide 25 percent faster graphics rendering and half the power consumption compared to the Snapdragon 801. So you can expect 8GB of RAM in Smartphone.

So let’s talk about

1st “Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus” We can expect the releasing date of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in September 2017.

(image source 9to5mac)

The rumor is iPhone 8 would feature a 5.8-inch OLED display. The area of the screen dedicated to the apps and interface is expected to be 2436×1125, which makes for a 21:9 aspect ratio, roughly. This could spell trouble for watching content that is 16:9 but would bring the iPhone up to par with competing for Android phones in terms of screen resolution and pixels-per-inch. We’re still expecting the device to feature 2 cameras on the back, much like the current iPhone 7 Plus. The cameras could, however, be vertically aligned as opposed to horizontally, which would allow for more advanced 3D and sensing technology, but more on that later.

USB-C or Lightning?

There are several reasons as to why Apple likely isn’t switching to USB-C all around this year. For one, regulating USB-C accessories is much harder as it is an open standard. Lightning, however, is Apple’s own standard and thus it can more strictly regulate what type of accessories are produced using the connection. Apple also, of course, collects royalties on all certified Lightning accessories.

3D Sensing + AR Technology

Apple’s plans for 3D sensing and augmented reality are a bit more unclear, but it’s widely believed that Apple has a relatively large team working on the technologies.Most recently, it has been reported that the iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary 3D-sensing front camera that detects depth for games and facial recognition. This type of technology also lends itself to face recognition for unlocking the iPhone, providing another secure biometric way of doing so.

BlackBerry KEYone: Release date April 2017, on sale 5 May 

(image source cnet)

Yes, it’s Blackberry. Blackberry is Alive and it is planning for the comeback.

The new KEYone, which will be available in April, runs Nougat 7.1 and resembles a thinner version of the BlackBerry Passport, retaining the clever under-keyboard touch trackpad to help navigate the screen and scroll through apps.

Although it has a mid-range Snapdragon 625 processor, its £499 price tag is anything but. Then again, those after the KEYone are unlikely to care. The BlackBerry brand elicits a fierce loyalty from its now small customer base.

Google Pixel 2: Release date October 2017 

(image source infotechblogs)

The next Google phone is said to include waterproofing an improved camera that excels with low-light photography. However, the price is likely to go up as a result – by at least $50.We know that the new Google phone will be the first to run Android O, for which the Developer Preview is now available.

HTC U: Release Date 16 May 2017

(image source i.gadgets360cdn)

HTC has sent out save the date emails for its upcoming HTC U (aka HTC 11) launch: it will take place on 16 May. If true, it will have a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, a higher-capacity battery with Quick Charge 4.0 and a 5.5in Quad-HD screen.

That’s a very high-end spec, so we’d guess that the entry model would have less storage at the very least.

OnePlus 5 release date: June 2017 (TBC)

(image source images2.itechpost)

More exciting for One-plus fans, then, will be the One-plus 5 expected in May/June 2017. It’s slightly later launching than other 2017 flagships could be a huge advantage this time around, meaning it could get the Snapdragon 835 while they are all stuck with the 821. We could also see the 5.5-inch full-HD display upgraded to a Quad-HD model.

Other rumors suggest the One-plus 5 will come with 8GB of RAM, a 21- or 23Mp camera and a 3,500- to 4,000mAh battery with Dash Charge. One thing we’re sure of is that it will run Oxygen-OS, a custom UI that will be based on Android 7.0 Nougat.


Micromax Dual 5

Micromax Dual 5

If you are looking for a Smartphone with more storage and better Camera with advanced feature then Micromax Dual 5 is the best option for you. It has 128GB of Internal Storage and 4GB of RAM.
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