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Samsung Manufactures 7nm A12 Chipsets for Next Year’s iPhone

Samsung Manufactures 7nm A12 Chipsets for Next Year’s iPhone

This is a big win for Samsung, to build 7nm A12 chips for the 2018 iPhone according to The Korea Herald. Considering it lost the deal for the Snapdragon 845 to TSMC whom currently makes the 10nm A11 chip for Apple. The reason for losing out on the Qualcomm deal is because it won’t be ready for 7nm production yet by the time Qualcomm needs them.

A new iPhone is usually released in the 3rd quarter, Samsung would have enough time to prepare for production. The Korean electronics giant just purchased some extreme UV machines specifically to make Apple’s 7nm chips. Testing is ongoing and will soon be completed. Production will then begin after Apple’s approval.

The Qualcomm deal is a loss considering 40% of Samsung Foundry’s sales last year was from the American company. Though there are speculations that Samsung may get deals for mid-range 10nm chips. Some manufacturers may also still release Snapdragon 835 phones next year.

Samsung will first make 8nm chips before making a complete transition to 7nm. Its next Exynos flagship is expected to be built on the 8nm node.

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Qualcomm Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple

Qualcomm Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple

Today, Qualcomm has officially registered a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) and Federal Court in the U.S. to import the ban of some iPhones claiming that Apple is unfairly using its technology.

According to the complaint filed by Qualcomm with ITC, iPhones that are manufactured in China should not be imported to the U.S. if they are infringing the patents of Qualcomm. The case filed with US District Court for Southern California seeks damages for patent infringement.

The U.S. based chip maker has accused of Apple of infringing six of its technology patents that belong to some of the important features of iPhones. Qualcomm claims that Apple is continuously using these patents without paying for them. As of this writing, there is no information on which iPhones are infringing Qualcomm’s patents. Hence, the chipset making company is gunning to various operations of Apple such as selling, advertising, importing, warehousing of the iPhone.

The six patents that Apple is said to be violating are related to the optimized performance of the battery, prolonging battery life while sending live video by creating data super-highway, network management, and system performance. All the six patents were issued in the last four years. The images in this post are from Qualcomm which gives a breakdown of all the six patents along with details on each one of them that are being violated by Apple iPhones.

In April, Apple had filed a legal complaint against Qualcomm for unfairly charging patent licensing fees. The complaint stated that the U.S. chip maker is asking the Cupertino company to pay five times more money than it is collectively paying to cellular patent licensors. Apple has also said that the illegal business practices of Qualcomm are not negatively impacting it but also the entire industry.

According to Apple, Qualcomm is only supplying it with a single connectivity component that does not belong to any of the innovations of Apple that it uses on its iPhones and still it is demanding a percentage of the collective cost of its products. At the same time, Qualcomm has also said that Apple is spreading false and misleading information to antitrust agencies in a bid to decrease the royalty amount that it is to pay to Qualcomm.

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Vivo Set to Launch First Smartphone With In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo Set to Launch First Smartphone With In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Last week, a short leaked video clip showed a Vivo smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor and while the authenticity of that video was still under scrutiny. The company has now launched an official teaser that hints at the feature. As per the launch teaser, the company might be launching its upcoming smartphone with in-screen fingerprint sensor at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai, scheduled to start on June 28.

vivo set launch first smartphone screen fingerprint sensor

The company has mentioned a tagline that says “Unlock the Future” on the teaser image. While it is possible that the company could be indicating some other security feature related to the fingerprint sensor, our best guess, for now, would be a display-integrated fingerprint sensor.

In its tweet, Vivo India said, “We are thrilled to be launching a new solution in just a few days at Shanghai #MWC2017. Let’s unlock the future together!”

If Vivo indeed becomes the first company to launch a smartphone with in-screen fingerprint scanner, it will come across as quite an achievement for the company as tech behemoths Apple and Samsung are said to be struggling with the feature’s implementation on their upcoming flagship smartphones.

iPad Pro 10.5-Inch and 12.9-Inch 2017 with 4 GB RAM

iPad Pro 10.5-Inch and 12.9-Inch 2017 with 4 GB RAM

The new iPad Pro tablets with 10.5-inch and the 12.9-inch display were launched at WWDC 2017 last week, now is confirmed that both new tablets from the company will come with  4GB of RAM.

Both 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch variants of the new iPad Pro were spotted performing similarly in the benchmark tests as well. Geekbench listings of the Apple iPad Pro (10.5inch) and iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 2017 has revealed that both new tablets come with 4GB of RAM. While the 12.9-inch model of the original iPad Pro also featured 4GB of RAM, the smaller-sized 9.7-inch variant came with 2GB of RAM. Now, Apple seems to have introduced more memory to the smaller 10.5-inch iPad Pro model as well.

In terms of benchmark scores, both new 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch models performed almost equally, with the 10.5-inch model narrowly edging out the larger variant on Geekbench 4 in both single-core and multicore tests with their A10X Fusion processor.

ipad pro 10 5 inch 12 9 inch 2017 4 gb ram

The results also confirm monstrous performance – single-core is over 3,900 points, while the multi-core results go north of 9,000 points – considerably more than any other device on the market right now.

The smaller iPad Pro starts from $649, while the 12.9 version base version is $799.


Antutu Revealed Apple A10X Fusion Performance Scores

Antutu Revealed Apple A10X Fusion Performance Scores

Apple has recently released its new A10X Fusion System-on-Chip alongside with iPad Pro. AnTuTu has now revealed its own benchmark result for the iPad Pro and its A10 Fusion chip.

The A10X Fusion chip uses a different architecture from the A10. While the A10 Fusion uses a quad-core architecture, the A10X Fusion comes with an hexacore architecture but the exact configuration of the cores is still unknown.

However, according to Antutu Scores, the A10X Fusion proves to be an extremely powerful chip as it surpassed the 200,000 mark. It precisely polled 234000 points on the single run sub-score. This is the first time an Apple chip is exceeding 200,000 points as the highest they have gotten is 180,000 back in May.

antutu revealed apple a10x fusion performance scores

On the 3D performance, Apple A10X Fusion reached 93546 points, approaching 100,000; mononuclear properties test produced a 21,280 points score, multi-core performance 19,941 points.

After seeing the mind blowing A10X Fusion performance reports, we can expect an unexpectable(high-performance) result from iPhone 8. That is still a couple of months away.

New iPad Model Appeared on Geekbench

New iPad Model Appeared on Geekbench

A new Apple iPad model has appeared on Geekbench database, with a surprisingly powerful benchmark scores. The new iPad model is believed to feature the Apple A10X Fusion System-on-Chip (SoC). The Apple iPad model, which could be the iPad Pro, polled a total of 3832 points in the single core test but on the multi-core test, it scored an amazing 9091 points.

new ipad model appeared geekbench

The Geekbench listing also reveals the processor is clocked at 2.36GHz, higher than the 2.23GHz frequency the iPhone  7 Plus’ A10 chip ran. Apple has already unveiled the A10X Fusion chip and rightly reveals that it features 3 high-performance cores. The motherboard also points at the likelihood of this being a new chip as the model number is different from that of the A10. Apple had claimed that the tablet would have 40 percent faster graphics performance than its predecessors due to the powerful Apple A10X Fusion chip.

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Apple Launches 10.5-Inch, 12.9-Inch iPad Pro model, India Launch Date

Apple Launches 10.5-Inch, 12.9-Inch iPad Pro model, India Launch Date

Apple finally unveiled the much-anticipated 10.5-inch iPad Pro at its WWDC 2017. The company also announced a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro refresh. The company confirmed that the new iPad Pro models will be going on sale in India “later this month.”

Both the models will ship with iOS 10 but will be upgraded to iOS 11. The all-new iPad Pro models will come with the new Files app, customizable Dock, improved multitasking, and deeper integration of Apple Pencil.

apple launches 10 5 inch 12 9 inch ipad pro

New iPad Pro models pack the new 64-bit A10X Fusion chip with six-core CPU alongside 12-core GPU under the hood. The new iPad Pro models sport iPhone 7-like camera system – a 12-megapixel rear camera with OIS and a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. The iPad Pro sports a four-speaker audio system which Apple claims can offer clear and rich stereo sound. For connectivity, the new iPad Pro models support embedded Apple SIM and come with Wi-Fi 802.11ac and LTE-Advanced. The new model also sports Apple’s Touch ID and enables payments through Apple Pay..

New iPad Pro models said to come with ProMotion technology. Apple claims that ProMotion improves display quality and reduces power consumption by automatically adjusting the display refresh rate to match the movement of the content. Apple claims that the Retina display on the new iPad Pro model is the company’s “brightest iPad display yet.”

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold colors. Pricing starts at $649 in the US for the 64GB Wi-Fi model and $779 for the 64GB Wi-Fi with the Cellular model. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be available in Silver, Space Grey and Gold colors. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro pricing starts at $799 in the US for the 64GB Wi-Fi model and $929 for the 64GB Wi-Fi with the Cellular model.

The new iPad Pro models are now available to order from Monday via the company’s online store and are expected to be delivered to customers next week.