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Microsoft Working on New premium Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Working on New premium Windows 10 Mobile

The rumor mill has been speculating that since the Lumia line of smartphones has been axed, the Microsoft is working on a Surface-branded smartphone. Fresh information coming from Brad Sams, executive editor with Thurrott has revealed the company is examining a prototype of Windows 10 mobile device. Microsoft heavily pegged to re-enter the smartphone market, speculations are rife that the company could be probably working on a premium smartphone.

The information coming from Thurrott’s editor reveals that the Alex Kipman is heading the project. Kipman is the one who is pioneering on HoloLens project is working on the mysterious Windows 10 device. Hence, it seems that the smartphone could be coming with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) capabilities.

It appears that this upcoming smartphone from Microsoft will be a premium device that will carry an expensive pricing. This would be an attempt from the company to convince other smartphone OEMs to make similar devices.

It is speculated that it may run Windows 10 on ARM that could be probably based on CShell. However, CShell is not very stable at present. Hence, the Redmond giant has plenty of work to deal with before making it available to the end user. CShell will unify experience Microsoft’s various devices. In the previous month, leaked images showing Windows Phone running on CShell had surfaced

In June, a report had also surfaced that Microsoft is working on a device called Surface Mobile and it two codenames of its two speculated variants were revealed as Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia. Reports have suggested that it could be running on Snapdragon 835 chipset.

As a result, there still is plenty of work that needs to be done before the device is introduced, most likely sometime in 2018. Most expect the new phone to be made for the enterprise.

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Microsoft’s Zo Chatbot Calls Quran ‘Very Violent’

Microsoft’s Zo Chatbot Calls Quran ‘Very Violent’

A new chatbot by Microsoft, powered by an artificial intelligence has stirred controversy, by saying the holy book Quran is “very violent,” media reported. A chatbot designed for teenagers on the Kik messaging app, to avoid discussing politics and religion, it recently told a user that the Quran is “very violent”.

Microsoft said it has taken action to eliminate this kind of behavior, adding that these types of responses are rare from Zo. However, the bot’s characterisation of the Quran came in just its fourth message after the start of the conversation.

“The company’s previous chatbot Tay flamed out in spectacular fashion last March when it took less than a day to go from simulating the personality of a playful teen to a Holocaust-denying menace trying to spark a race war,” Buzzfeed report added.

Microsoft blamed the unsavory behavior of Tay on a concentrated effort by users to corrupt the bot but it claims no such attempt was made at bringing down Zo.


Skype Lite Gets Aadhaar Card Integration

Skype Lite Gets Aadhaar Card Integration

Microsoft launched its Skype Lite app for low-end Android smartphones in February this year specifically for the Indian market. On Wednesday, the company added Aadhaar integration to the app with its latest update.

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number based on biometric and demographic data for Indian residents. With Skype Lite’s Aadhaar integration, users can now identify themselves on request during video calls. Users will be prompted to enter their Aadhaar number, and it will be shown to the other party after the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) database is queried.

With the latest update to Skype Lite, either of the video call participants can request Aadhaar verification. For identity confirmation, users need to click on “Verify Aadhaar identity”, enter their 12-digit Aadhaar number and then authenticate with a one-time password sent via SMS. After validating this information once, users will be able to share this pre-selected information with other users as well.

The company says, “Skype will not store any Aadhaar information and as always, your personal information-including your video and audio conversations -is securely encrypted.”

How is Aadhaar integration useful?

Think of a situation where you need to place a video call to a government representative or an important business client. In this situation, with the help of Aadhaar verification, you will be able to confirm the identity of the person available on another side of the video call before you share sensitive confidential information with them.

“By using Aadhaar, both parties can verify their identity at the beginning of the call to prevent impersonation fraud,” the company said in its blog post.


Microsoft’s New Patent Anti-theft Feature for Laptop

Microsoft’s New Patent Anti-theft Feature for Laptop

At the end of May, Microsoft and Qualcomm announced a collaborative effort called Cellular PCs. It will be running on ARM-based CPUs and full edition of Windows 10. These devices will be able to deliver faster data connectivity through X16 LTE modem with eSIM connectivity. This upcoming initiative, as well as a new patent from Microsoft, will allow users to prevent laptop thefts even without a cellular subscription.

The new patent allows users to disable a lost or stolen laptop even without a SIM. It means even if the thief turns off the cellular network or removes the eSIM, users will be able to make use of function similar to the emergency call that will transmit a signal over the cellular network to the device to disable it.

It seems that in order to implement this feature, Microsoft will have to collaborate with cellular service providers. The Redmond giant has signed up with worldwide cellular service providers like Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile and BT/EE. It also appears that once a command is sent to disable the laptop, there won’t be any further user intervention to complete the process. It also seems to be an integral feature for laptop users. However, there seems to be a downside for it. If this feature becomes a reality, users will be having a risk of getting tracked even when the cellular connectivity feature is disabled.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Snapdragon 835 driven PCs will be running on Windows 10 and will offer always-on LTE connectivity along with longer battery life. This effort is Microsoft’s attempt at bringing Windows 10 experience to ARM ecosystem.

Asus Vivobook S With 15.6-Inch NanoEdge Display Launched

Asus Vivobook S With 15.6-Inch NanoEdge Display Launched

Asus has launched its new Vivobook S laptop with up to seventh-generation Intel Core processor. The highlight feature of the new Asus laptop is thin bezels on the display, described as NanoEdge by the company. NanoEdge bezel provides the laptop with an impressive 80-percent screen-to-body ratio.


The new portable from Asus Vivobook series runs on Windows 10, features a 15.6-inch Wideview colour rich display with full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) resolution and viewing angle of up to 178-degrees. The laptop is available with up to Intel Core i7-7500U processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The laptop is available with up to 1TB of HDD storage and a combo option of 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD as well.

The connectivity options on the new Asus Vivobook S include a fingerprint sensor, USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 1), USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and HDMI. It comes with a 42WHrs rated 3S1P, 3-cell Li-ion battery. Asus claims that the battery on the laptop can be charged up to 60 percent of its capacity in just 49 minutes.

The Asus Vivobook S laptop is already available for purchase and can be bought either from Asus’ own online store or through third-party retailers like Newegg in the US.

Microsoft Launched Modern Keyboard, Hidden Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft Launched Modern Keyboard, Hidden Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft silently unveiled a new keyboard on Thursday, called the Microsoft Modern Keyboard. “Our vision was to blend the Fingerprint reader into a keyboard, so it would appear to be any other key,” Microsoft mentions on the product page of the Modern Keyboard.

The fingerprint scanner has been placed on the second Windows key on the right side of the keyboard. The keyboard comes with aluminum frame and Microsoft claims it sports “highest quality” and is “virtually indestructible.”

microsoft launched modern keyboard hidden fingerprint scanner

The Modern Keyboard will allow Windows 10 users to enable Windows Hello fingerprint authentication on their devices. Microsoft claims a battery life of up to 2 months on a full charge.

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint Scanner will work will Windows 8 and above devices, macOS 10.10.5 and above devices, Android 4.2 and above, and iOS 8 and iOS 9. Users need to make sure that the device should support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher for the Microsoft Modern Keyboard to work. Microsoft will also let users choose between using the Modern Keyboard with wireless/ wired interface.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard is priced at Rs. $129.99 (roughly Rs. 8,500), the new Modern Keyboard is listed as “coming soon” on the company’s US website. There is no information available on the website when the accessory will go on sale.

Windows 10 mobile C-shell Screenshots, next version Os Microsoft

Windows 10 mobile C-shell, next version Os Microsoft

Windows 10 Mobile C shell is the next version of the OS Microsoft, under development and coming on the market presumably by early next year.

Aggiornamenti Lumia has recently managed to get hands on with the leaked version of CShell, showing off some new screenshots of CShell running on their Lumia 950 XL Windows Phone. They cover areas like the Start Screen, Notification Center, Keyboard, and Settings.

The starts page gains a couple of enhancements such as live tile resizing, ability to turn it on or off or set the dimension to “large”. It also adds the option to uninstall an app right from the start menu.

windows 10 mobile c shell screenshots next version os microsoft

The notification center looks like similar to PC. Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode and the other quick action buttons are now at the base.

windows 10 mobile c shell screenshots next version os microsoft

The keyboard in CShell running on Windows phone sees several enhancements. The emoticons are cleaner and the overall graphics have been updated.

windows 10 mobile c shell screenshots next version os microsoft

Settings in CShell running on Windows phone, there appear to be a few new items, which do not still work. According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, there are some new video advice options, which “could help users in knowing the features that may not have come across before.”

windows 10 mobile c shell screenshots next version os microsoft