Xiaomi Mi Dual Unit Half ear headphones priced 10

Xiaomi Mi Dual-Unit Half-Ear Headphones Priced at $10

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Xiaomi Mi Dual Unit Half ear headphones priced 10 Dollar

Xiaomi is busy in launching their new smartphones but now the company has launched a new headphone with some new features and cheap pricing.

The new headphone is not wireless, it’s a wired 3.5mm jack headphone. The company named it Mi Dual-unit half-ear headphones and priced at 69 Yuan (~$10).

Let’s talk about the design of this headphone. The device has a glossy ceramic body, light and comfortable to use. The device uses an half-ear structure similar to SONY STH30, which keeps the shell outside the ear canal in order to protect the delicate ear canal.

The Xiaomi Mi Dual-Unit Half-Ear Headphones comes with a dual-unit dynamic coil and ceramic horn acoustic structure which provides a clear sound with noise reduction. The device passed through the Hi-REs Audio certification of the Japan Audio Association. So, the headphone produces a high-quality listening experience. It has a MEMS microphone integrated with a three-button control. The wire is manufactured using soft TPE material which won’t twist or get entangled easily.

The earphone is available in two —colorsBlack and White and is available to buy in China via Mi Home.

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