Xiaomi Smart Home Kit Door Window Human Body sensor temperature

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit Mijia Gateway Door Window Human Body Sensor Temperature Humidity Sensor Wireless Switch Zigbee Socket

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Smart sensors for windows and doors / remote control devices using a smartphone / Connecting to other Smart devices. Upon returning home, automatically turns on the light, household appliances will start to work, and fragrant coffee will be ready … and it’s not dreaming technology of the future, it is the reality that came to life thanks to Mi Smart Home Kit. Using various combinations of components, you can automate the Smart devices, remotely manage devices using a smartphone, fast create favorable conditions for your life. Take a few steps to realize our plans into reality. Multifunctional Gateway It can change to 16mln colors and change the lighting The main base is wireless with a built-in speaker and the LED Windows/doors Sensor It monitors the status of windows/doors, namely when they are opened or closed. Human Body Motion Sensor Sensors of temperature change monitors movement of people or pets indoors Wireless Switch Designed for remote control operation of a Smart Device Temperature and Humidity Sensor It can real-time detect the temperature and humidity condition. Automatic alarm if the temperature and humidity are abnormal. You can easily view the temperature and humidity change by the data according to all historical records. Temperature measuring accuracy: ±0.3°C Humidity measuring accuracy: ±3% Smart WiFi Socket (ZigBee Version) Power detection, electricity statistics, mobile phone remote control, overload protection, timing switch, suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc. The Xiaomi Smart Home Kit available at best price $44.39, Price may vary depending upon location.

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