Amazon Created “Amazon Echo Look” Hands-Free Camera And Style Assistant

Amazon Echo Look “Hands-Free Camera And Style Assistant” announced yesterday the Amazon Echo Look $200 intelligent device, what calls a “hands-free camera and style assistant”.  Echo Look is a new device with a camera and microphone. The company knows a lot about you already. But it needs to know more about you to sell you […]

Anti-Collision Vehicle Management System “Road That Honk” A Very Smart Device For Our Safety

Anti-Collision Vehicle Management System “Road That Honk”. Technology can do anything for improving our day-to-day lifestyle. HP Lubricants and Leo Burnett India have now developed an anti-collision vehicle management system – Roads That Honk. They claimed it is first of its kind, it will make use of Smart-life poles that will warn of approaching vehicles […]

India Rank 4th on Cyber Threats, Not On The Top But We Have Chance

India rank 4th on cyber threats, As the risk of cyber threats, looms over enterprises going digital, a Symantec study reveals that India ranks fourth when it comes to online security breaches, accounting for over 5% of global threat detection. The US and China occupy the top two slots and together make for almost 34%, […]

World’s First Truly Private Smartphone

McAfee, who is now the CEO of MGT Capital Investments, has uploaded the first prototype image of the “John McAfee Privacy Phone” on twitter which he calls the “world’s first truly private smartphone.” The John McAfee Privacy Phone, by MGT – first prototype. World’s first truly private smartphone. You gonna love it. — John […]

Top 10 Gadgets Of This Month(April) 2017

Why do we need to pay more? when we have Options. Here I am talking about top 10 gadgets of this month. Here is the list with link and don’t forget to share  Philips Over-Ear Stereo Headphone USB Port Charging Desktop Hub Camera Lens Coffee Mug Folding Arc Optical Mice Pop Socket+Stand Quirky Powercurl Mini Universal Cable […]