BlackBerry BBC100-1

A mysterious BlackBerry device has been spotted on Indonesian regulator’s website. Listed as BBC100-1 on the Asian country’s e-Certification database POSTEL, the device comes from a company called BB MERAH PUTIH, PT. The DTEK60 is BBA100-1, and the yet-to-be-unveiled ‘Mercury’ is BBB100-1, it’d be reasonable to assume that the BBC100-1 is a brand new BlackBerry […]

Mi Max 2

The Chinese manufacturer is also rumored to launch the Mi Max 2. Just a day ahead of the launch, the Mi Max 2 render images have been leaked, and it gives us a fair idea on the design details of the device. [table id=8 /]

Plastic-eating wax worms may solve plastic problem

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Are you a big fan of Jio or not, you know what you are? I think everybody is a fan of Jio or we can say, a fan of Reliance industry. Here I’m talking about “BigFlix”. Everybody knows about NetFlix, but did you know about BigFlix. BigFlix is the Anil Ambani-owned firm, has given a facelift to its […]