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ACT Fibernet Vs Hathway Broadband Plan Comparison India 2021

ACT Fibernet Vs Hathway Broadband Plan Comparison India 2021

Broadband Plan Comparison India 2021: ACT Fibernet VS Hathway, know whose broadband plan is better for you.

ACT Fibernet Vs Hathway Broadband Plan Comparison

ACT Fibernet Vs Hathway Broadband Plans: If you want to take broadband plans, then nowadays companies are offering attractive plans. ACT Fibernet and Hathway also have attractive broadband plans. They provide high-speed internet services at reasonable prices. Here we are telling you about 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 150Mbps broadband plans, some of them are giving unlimited data benefits, while in some plans you will also get free access to OTT apps.

ACT Broadband Plans

ACT Fibernet has slightly different broadband plans for different cities, but most of the plans will be available in the same price range. 150Mbps broadband plan in Delhi for Rs 799, which is much cheaper than some of the popular broadband services.

Apart from 150Mbps speed, users also get unlimited data. It is to be noted that the company offers up to 3,000GB of data and once this data is exhausted, users will get less speed as per the official site. This is a monthly plan and offers Zee5, SonyLIV (299 per month), Cult.Fit and many more. Delhi does not have 50Mbps or 100Mbps broadband.

The 150Mbps plan in Bengaluru also comes with the benefit of Netflix’s cashback. The price of this broadband plan from ACT will be Rs 1,085 and you will get Rs 50 cashback on Netflix. You also get one month of free Zee5 subscription along with 1,000 data. There is also a 50Mbps broadband plan (500GB data), which costs Rs 710.

A 75Mbps plan (750GB data) will also be available, which will cost Rs 985. Currently, 100Mbps broadband plans are not available in major cities like Bangalore and Delhi. It seems that ACT does not work in Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh, as these cities are not listed on the official site. You will get 100Mbps ACT broadband plans in cities like Nellore and Coimbatore. ACT in Ahmedabad is offering unlimited data with the Rs 549 broadband plan.

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Hathway Broadband Plans

Hathway has a 50Mbps DOCIS plan, which costs Rs 2,550 for three months. In this plan, you get unlimited data and there is no FUP limit. If a user is considering the 100Mbps fiber broadband plan, then it will cost Rs 2,247 and at the same price, the company is offering unlimited data benefits. It is to be noted that the price mentioned is for three months.

If you are looking for a high broadband plan, you can also try the 150 Mbps Hathway Fiber plan, which comes with unlimited plans. The company has not mentioned the data limit on the site, but it at least states that you will continue to get 5Mbps speed after the end of the data provided.

The 150Mbps plan costs Rs 2,697. This is for 3 months. The company says that the user will have to pay extra for installation charges and taxes.

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