ARM Mali-C71 Launched for Automotive Industry

ARM Mali-C71 Launched for Automotive Industry

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On Thursday ARM announced its first image signal processor – the ARM Mali-C71. Mali-C71 is the first product in the Mali Camera family is targeted at the automotive industry. ABD(Automatic Brake Differential) was designed from the ground up for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) SoCS. The Mali-C71 is focused on providing better camera output where the image quality should be clear and reliable.

ARM Mali c71 topkhoj

                                                                      ARM Mali C71 Block-diagram

The company gives an example of mirror replacement in a car where Mali-C71 will offer a ultra-wide dynamic range (UWDR) up to 24 stops which are more than what a DSLR camera can provide in the real world which is around 15 stops of dynamic range. “OmniVision has been closely collaborating with the ARM ISP team (formerly Apical) for several years now, and see the Mali-C71 as an important advancement in image signal processing for emerging automotive applications. ARM’s expertise in ISP technology together with OmniVision’s best-in-class HDR image sensor technologies offers an industry leading solution for our automotive customers.”

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