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Best Wall Clock In India 2021 Starts Rs 340 For Home

Best Wall Clock In India

Best Wall Clock In India: These wall clocks will enhance the beauty of your home even more.

Wall Clocks In India Under 500 Rupees.

Best Wall Clock In India 2021

Nowadays the trend of digital wall clocks is increasing and in such a situation, you will get digital watches comfortably in every price segment. But even today, the first choice of some people is the same traditional wall clock, which is appealing to the people and now you will get many designs and great looks in them, such as plastic, aluminum, and wood which can make the wall of your house more Will make you beautiful too.

If you are also thinking of getting a new wall clock for your home or office, then in this report we are telling you some special and best wall clock options, whose price starts from Rs 340 and their designs are also suitable for your home. Will match the interior and enhance the beauty of your wall.

IndianEcraft Wall Clock

If you want to get a designer wall clock, then you must see the IndianEcraft company’s model (IECWC-59) once. You will find this wall clock made of high-quality plastic and its size is 30 x 4 x 30 cms. This round-shaped model has a dial size of 12 inches, which can be seen even from a distance.

This wall clock is attractive and royal in appearance, which is successful in giving a vintage look to your home. You can put it in your bedroom, living room or even in your office. It is made of plastic, but the viewer will see this wooden clock and it also has the confidence of Ajanta company because in it you get machine fitted of Ajanta. , which makes this clock even more durable. You can buy this wall clock in dual-color maroon and black. Its online price is Rs 499 and the company is also giving you a 1-year warranty on it.

Branding Hook Wall Clock

In this list now let us tell you about the branding hook company’s model (‎12-inch Silent Movement Wall Clock), whose size is 30 x 30 x 5 cms and it moves with sweep movement, due to which it makes a noise at all. Doesn’t make your sleep worse. This model is made of high-quality plastic, making this clock strong and durable.

This wall clock will give a luxury look to your home and due to its silent feature, you can put it in your bedroom, study room, or even in the office and conference room. This wall clock will easily match with the interior of your home and it is also very easy to clean. If you want, you can also gift it to someone on a good occasion. You will get it in black color and its online price is Rs 495.

Ajanta Wall Clock

If you want to buy a wall clock from a trusted brand, you can look for Ajanta’s (‎AQ-5927-BROWN) model. You will get this wall clock wooden finish look made of premium grade plastic and also you get it in round shape which is 31 x 5 x 31 cm in size. You can put it in any room of your house or even in the office.

It will look great placed in any place and will also give a vintage look to your home or office. This wall clock runs on a single battery and it is quite simple and elegant to look at. Along with this, its wooden finish gives it an antique look, which makes your wall and house look royal. It also does not make much noise while walking, due to which there is no chance of disturbing your sleep. You can buy it in brown color and its online price is Rs.340.

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