Caviar Nokia 3310 Peacemakers edition commemorates the Trump-Putin summit

The ways in which one can deem about ceremonial the forthcoming historical Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Russian exclusive phone maker caviare came up with the quite probably… the kitschiest and most flashy one. But It’s the time for Caviar Nokia 3310 Peacemakers edition that can keep you stand out.

Yes, the Caviar Nokia 3310 Peacemakers Edition.

It’s time to meet with the “Peacemakers”, a Nokia 3310. This Nokia 3310 is made of Titanium. Aaha, not only Titanium it also features a 24-karat gold ornament. The ornament depicting a portrait of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. In this portrait, both are looking in the same direction, which indicates the importance of the high-profile meeting.

The phone is made of Titanium and is fully covered with 24-karat gold by using a PVD (Physical vapor deposition) technique. The PVD promises higher durability and even greater resistance to corrosion. So, the gold coating gives a neat chrome-like color to the handset.

But the most interesting thing is the d-pad button. The d-pad button at the front of the Nokia 3310 is inscribed with a kitschy decorative crown. But it looks cool.

Price of Caviar Nokia 3310 Peacemakers Edition

The Caviar Nokia 3310 Peacemaker edition is priced at 162,000 rubles (∼$2,610). The price indicates that the device is for eccentric millionaires and Russian oligarchs. Caviar doesn’t say anything about the quantity of Nokia 3310 Peacemakers edition. How much Caviar will produce the Peacemakers edition? But the company reveals that the first two units will be a gift for Trump and Putin.


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