Google Rebranding Doubleclick and AdWords

Google is retiring the DoubleClick and AdWords brands to streamline entry points for advertisers and ad sellers.¬†On Wednesday, Alphabet’s Google announced the biggest-ever rebranding of its advertising software.

Google executives said that its fees are not changing, and no services are merging. The company will just retain the AdSense and AdMob brands for ad sales technologies. The company aimed at small websites and mobile app developers, respectively.

Google Rebranding Doubleclick and AdWords

Google Ads will be new name of its basic tools for buying ads, with access to inventory on Google search. It will also include YouTube video service, the Google Play app store and 3 million partner properties. This change will also simplify the interface of Google Ads, executives said. The change will also improve automation powering the design of ads and deciding where they should run.

While in other hands the high-end software for ad buyers will be named as Google Marketing Platform. And Google Ads Manager will be a complementary tool for large sellers.

Brian Wieser, a senior financial analyst following advertising companies for Pivotal Research, said Google’s services generate “a lot of confusion” among people not steeped in the industry.

“It doesn’t help that Google … leaves us guessing on the relative size and trajectory of what are strategically important businesses,” he said.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s senior vice president for ads, told reporters Tuesday that advertisers have been befuddled when told that they need to go to Google AdWords to buy ads on YouTube. Google Ads should serve as an all-encompassing “front door,” he said.


In the year 2000, the AdWords was launched to place text ads in search. And later, Google acquired DoubleClick advertising software in 2008.

But increased privacy and monopoly concerns in the last year have led Google’s critics in academia and public policy to call on antitrust regulators to split Google’s advertising business, which has a strong toehold on nearly every link of the industry’s supply chain.

Ramaswamy said the three renamed services focus on different user groups and that clients continue to have the option to integrate non-Google tools with the services

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