Huawei P20 Moto G6 may launch April 16 India Flipkart

Huawei P20 Series, Moto G6 may launch on April 16 in India Flipkart

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Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart on Sunday has teased for two BIG announcements on April 17. Flipkart has done a long-term partnership with a tech giant. While the company does not suggests which tech giant this is. It only mentions that the disruption will happen “in a BIG way”.

The rumors about Flipkart BIG announcement suggest that the partnered tech Giant could be a Huawei, to launch the latest flagship P20 series, or a partnership with Lenovo-owned Motorola for the upcoming Moto G6 mid-range series, or both. the official landing page of Flipkart suggests the upcoming announcements will be for a Flipkart-exclusive smartphone, potentially, with a big display, in teaser image it also added hashtag #BigOnFlipkart and #OnlyOnFlipkart. It means the phone will carry a big display and be available only on Flipkart.

Last week Huawei teased that the company will launch Huawei P20 Pro in India soon, this might be an exclusive launch. Huawei is also a tech giant and its all P20 series have a BIG display.

On the other hand, the Moto G6 series could be a part of this launch instead of Huawei. Motorola has already scheduled a launch event in Brazil on April 19 for Moto G6 series. So, considering the popularity of the Moto G series in India, the company may launch Moto G6 series in the country & will be exclusively available #OnlyOnFlipkart.

Flipkart also added a video and said to watch the BIG Clue from the CEO of Flipkart. In the video, CEO stats —”Meaningful partnerships drive a successful business. Flipkart philosophy of customer-centricity and a true long-term partnership has transformed the way India buys mobile phones. We’re proud to enter into an exclusive partnership with a tech giant, to disrupt the mobile phones landscape in a BIG way. Get ready for two BIG announcements soon!”

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