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Hydraulic Sofa Cum Bed Storage Under 23000 India 2021 For Home

Hydraulic Sofa Cum Bed Storage Under 23000 India 2021 For Home
Hydraulic Sofa Cum Bed With Storage

Hydraulic Sofa Cum Bed Under Rs 23000 India 2021: These are sofa-cum-beds with hydraulic storage, the price is such that you will be compelled to buy it.

Nowadays people’s houses are small due to small family and due to the small size of the houses, it becomes very difficult to adjust everything inside the house. But due to technology, such things have started being made that people cannot even imagine. In this report, we are going to tell you about some such sofa-cum-beds that will come with hydraulic storage box, inside which you can keep the front of your house as well as it can be used for both your living room and bedroom. Will enhance the beauty.

You will find many brands of sofa-cum-bed with storage in the market, but our report will help you in which product can prove to be good for you.

Vibrant Sofa-cum-Bed with Hydraulic Storage

If you are thinking of getting a sofa-cum-bed with storage for your home, then the Vibrant brand model (VISFB013) can prove to be a good option for you. The length, width, height of this product is 193 x 78.7 x 50.8 cm, using iron, cotton, and metal materials. Four people can sit comfortably in this sofa-cum-bed sofa and two to three people can sleep on the bed. You can comfortably place this sofa-cum-bed in your living room, guest room, office, or bedroom.

You will find its head made of metal, which makes it very strong and will last you for a long time, as well as you will get a hydraulic storage box in which you can keep or remove any salmon in your house with great ease. You will get this sofa-cum-bed with mattress and pillow. The price of this product is Rs 19,999 and the company is also giving you a 1-year warranty on it.

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Royal Bed Manufacturer Sofa Bed Storage

Royal bed manufacture brand model ( RBMS-SQ-BL-GR-S ) can also be your choice. The length of this sofa-cum-bed is 121.9cm, width is 190.5cm, height is 91.4cm and it weighs 65kg. This product will be easily adjusted in any room of your house and at the same time, you can easily make it from sofa to bed and bed to sofa.

Three to four people can sit comfortably on this sofa. This product will easily solve the problem of a sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom, and storing salmon in your small home. Anyone can use this sofa-cum-bed with great ease and you will get it in gray color. The price of this sofa-cum-bed is Rs 22,999 and the company is giving you one year warranty on its mattress as well as 2 years warranty on the metal frames.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Sofa-cum-Bed

Amazon’s Solimo brand model (‎LAF-174N100S-1-P3) can also prove to be a profitable deal for you. This sofa-cum-bed is designed keeping in mind today’s modern design, it uses pine wood material and measures 202 cm in length, 85 cm in width, and 85 cm in height. 4 people can sit comfortably on this sofa and by converting it you can make a modern style bed very comfortably. In its storage box, you can comfortably keep sheets, bed sheets, and other essentials.

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As beautiful as this product looks, you will be even happier to use it. The soft and high-quality fabric has been used in this sofa which makes it good-looking and long-lasting. It is very light in weight, you can easily keep it anywhere in the living room, guest room bedroom. The price of this product is Rs 18,999 and the company is also giving you 3 years warranty on it.

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