iPhone 8 Cases Listed Online Reveals Design Change

iPhone 8 Cases Listed Online Reveals Design Change

Oppomart has appeared listing iPhone 8 cases amidst the growing coverage of rumors of what may be Apple’s next iPhone lineup. The online retailer has listed three initial items, all which appear to be rugged cases for the new iPhone.

All the cases coincide with the current design features, leaked from Foxconn’s factories, that the ‘iPhone 8’ is supposedly going have; this includes the notable removal of the dedicated home button and fingerprint sensor at the front the device with an ‘all-display’ screen (with the case covering the bezels of the phone), effectively removing the prominent top and bottom bezels the iPhone has been known to have.

The cases also show the change in the dual-camera orientation on the rear of the device, coincided with other rumored changes with the iPhone.

OppoMart has listed the cases as currently ‘out-of-stock’.

Speculators have suggested that Apple may be changing up its routine on the iPhone series, however, so far the concrete evidence is lacking at this moment in time. If the rumors are true of a design change, this may indicate that an iPhone 7 and 7s’ line could be skipped in this circumstance, leaving us wondering about the lifespan of iPhone 7 and 7s’ third-party accessories manufacturers.


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