How dangerous is mobile radiation: know radiation value for a smartphone

Do you know that the smartphone you are using can be life-threatening for you? Every smartphone emits Radiation. That’s why there’s an international standard has been specified for radiation releasing from the smartphone. So you must be aware of how much radiation emits your smartphone. All the smartphones that are being launched nowadays are given technical information about the emitted radiation, on the box. To know radiation value for a smartphone read below.

Radiation from mobile can be very harmful to our body as well as to the mind. Due to the radiation from mobile, it could be a reason for many deleterious diseases such as deafness, hearing impairment, heart failure, the neurodegenerative disorder, including brain cancer. That’s why mobile is considered as a silent killer.


How to know radiation value for a smartphone?

The radiation that comes out from the mobile is known as a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). In India, SAR should not exceed 1.6 W / kg. If this happens more then, it can be harmful to the user. For this, the user has to dial * # 07 # from his smartphone. Here you will find all the information related to it. Keep in mind that if your smartphone’s SAR is more than 1.6 watts per kg then you should immediately change your mobile phone.

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