Microsoft Working on New premium Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Working on New premium Windows 10 Mobile

The rumor mill has been speculating that since the Lumia line of smartphones has been axed, the Microsoft is working on a Surface-branded smartphone. Fresh information coming from Brad Sams, executive editor with Thurrott has revealed the company is examining a prototype of Windows 10 mobile device. Microsoft heavily pegged to re-enter the smartphone market, speculations are rife that the company could be probably working on a premium smartphone.

The information coming from Thurrott’s editor reveals that the Alex Kipman is heading the project. Kipman is the one who is pioneering on HoloLens project is working on the mysterious Windows 10 device. Hence, it seems that the smartphone could be coming with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) capabilities.

It appears that this upcoming smartphone from Microsoft will be a premium device that will carry an expensive pricing. This would be an attempt from the company to convince other smartphone OEMs to make similar devices.

It is speculated that it may run Windows 10 on ARM that could be probably based on CShell. However, CShell is not very stable at present. Hence, the Redmond giant has plenty of work to deal with before making it available to the end user. CShell will unify experience Microsoft’s various devices. In the previous month, leaked images showing Windows Phone running on CShell had surfaced

In June, a report had also surfaced that Microsoft is working on a device called Surface Mobile and it two codenames of its two speculated variants were revealed as Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia. Reports have suggested that it could be running on Snapdragon 835 chipset.

As a result, there still is plenty of work that needs to be done before the device is introduced, most likely sometime in 2018. Most expect the new phone to be made for the enterprise.

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