As we know that the internet is a very large platform in our world for various purposes, at this time in this world we can say that there is nothing without the internet. There are various reason to use the internet. Everybody visit some websites daily for study, talking, chatting, downloading, to watch a movie, to listen to a song, and much more reasons. In the internet world, there are some mysterious websites are available.

Before visiting these websites I want to warn you some websites contain horror videos, audios. And much more things like you can track the flight of all over the world, track live social media.

Here is the list of mysterious websites

  3.  Free Live Webcams, #Opentopia is the first and biggest website that catalogs live webcams found automatically in search engines.
  4. connect with Facebook and see the magic of this website. It will show you a frustrated man is viewing your Facebook profile.
  5.  (I also don’t know the purpose of this website.)
  6.  A person is seating on chair any typing codes.
  7.  (Follow me)Follow this website by clicking on the page of this website
  9. (I can’t understand the language of this website and purpose of this website if you can then please comment).
  10.  This website show about the live status of various social websites & application like tweets, photo uploads …..
  11. A story of love, loss, passion, and hard work. Play the game and destroy websites.
  12. Here You can turn any black & white photo into a colored photo. It doesn’t matter your clicked photo is of the 19th century or 20th century.
  13.  “You are about to hallucinate”. You will see a stroboscopic animation. Warning Do not continue if you are sensitive to flashing lights.
  14.  This website shows us the history of our earth how it was, up to 600 million years ago and the history of dinosaurs.
  15.  On you can  Find out what the exact time is right now at any of 7 million locations around the world and also you can check the accuracy of your clock.
  16. Live Flight Tracker!
  17.  “The Map f the internet”. Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle.  
  18.  “1,278,842,363 Facebook profile pictures in a single page”.
  19. Enter a topic name and get a complete essay.
  20. Move your cursor. It will find a pointer that is indicating towards your mouse pointer.
  21. Endless or Infinity Zoom.

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