Plastic Can Conduct Electricity “Conductive Plastic”

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Plastic Can Conduct Electricity “Conductive Plastic”

As we know that plastic is a super bad conductor of Electricity. We use plastic for safety purposes in the electronics world. But today I’m talking about Conductive Plastic. Conductive plastics conduct electricity in contrary to normal insulating thermoplastics. They are recyclable and can be extruded or injection molded fast and cost-efficiently into desired shapes and sizes. Conductive plastics are controlling static electricity in countless applications across many industries. Conductive Plastic will make our Electronics world more flexible and then we will be able to use flexible gadgets.

Yes, Conductive Plastic has many advantages over metals

  • adjustable electrical conductivity
  • light weight
  • a wide range of properties available
  • good processability (also in 3D shapes)
  • mass-production friendly
  • economical
  • recyclable

In this world, Super Conductors are also available then why we need Conductive Plastic? And the answer is Conductive plastics are typically used in ESD (electrostatic discharge) control, as well as ATEX (explosive atmospheres) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding applications. Other uses of conductive plastics include metal replacement solutions, level detection sensors, heating elements, air cleaning systems, dust suppression and the prevention of electrostatic attraction (ESA).By ensuring that any plastic material is electrically conductive, we can eliminate the problems caused by electrostatic discharge, making the world a more comfortable and safer place for all of us!

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