pollution free nature friendly power plant electricity soil bacteria

Pollution free, Nature friendly Power Plant Electricity from Soil Bacteria

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Pollution Free Nature Friendly Power Plant Electricity Soil Bacteria

To generate we use coal and fossil fuels because electric power generates through hydroelectric plants or nuclear plants. These methods have serious drawbacks- water shortage or fouling the environment with pollution dust and greenhouse gases, radioactive damage.

But now a group of researchers at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, led by Dr. Marjolein Helder, found a solution, an eco-friendly solution. The group has developed a method that generates electricity from living plants and the microbes that live beneath them in the soil, where the plants drop their roots.

We all know that plant does photosynthesis, using sunlight, water, and atmospheric carbon dioxide to generate food in the form of carbohydrates and in this process it produces Oxygen for us. While the plant does photochemistry above the ground and bacteria do electrochemistry under the ground. In this process, it generates positive and negative ions. Dr. Helder and his group did an experiment-they placed positive and negative electrodes in appropriate positions and obtained an electric current, just as we do with batteries. And this method of producing electricity is termed as plant microbial fuel cells (PMFC).

This method is completely natural and eco-friendly because there is no needs to add any external material. According to the research report, the amount of produced electricity depends on the size. A small 50 cm x 50 cm plot of a garden is able to produce 5 volts of electricity, while a 100 square meter garden gives enough electric power to charge a cell phone or to light up several LED light bulbs.

The Wageningen group uses PMFCs method to light up their Atlas building with LED bulbs, and a mobile phone charging station also uses PMFCs method in a place at the nearby town Tilburg.


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