Hey, are you confused, which one should you buy, a Smartwatch or Fitness Band? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you as a shopping assistant. Actually, in terms of design and features, a smartwatch and fitness band both are getting improved in the last few years. So read through and buy with confidence.

Smartwatch or Fitness Band, know all the differences:


There’re a lot of Fitness Bands are available in the market. Some offer a screen and some come without screen. While a Smartwatch always offers a display. Mostly Fitness Bands come with a Monochrome screen that offers features like time, battery, fitness statics and notifications (if supported). In the comparison of this, a Smartwatch comes with a color full-touchscreen display. A Smartwatch provides info about Fitness data, notifications, weather info and more. It also offers different-different stylish watch faces so you can choose your favorite one.

Hence, You can decide what keeps importance for you a full-touchscreen device or a basic display device only with statistics. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


A fitness band comes with two basic sensors — Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Some advance fitness bands also come with a Heart rate sensor and Altimeter. While a Smartwatch comes with basic and advanced sensors. A Smartwatch offers light sensor, Magnetometer, and some smartwatches also offer IR blaster. You can get some important fitness data such as Steps, distance, and sleep on any device with the help of basic sensors.

If you are focusing on fitness then you should buy a Fitness band. But if you also want a better experience then you can buy a Smartwatch.


Fitness Bands runs on basic software which displays your available data with numbers. The data is synced wirelessly with the companion smartphone app, where you can see the data in graphically formate. It means a fitness band needs a smartphone to work properly.

On the other hand, there’s are many companions and Standalone Operating Systems are available for Smartwatches. All OS comes with a bunch of features set. So according to Operating System, your Smartwatch’s functions could be different such as how it collects your fitness data, how it displays notifications and allow to install other apps.


You can purchase a basic fitness band at and some advanced fitness bands are also available at price over . If your budegt is low or you don’t want to invest more you can buy entry level . If budget is not an issue then you can buy . Price for a Smartwatch can reach up to lakh rupees, it depends upon variant of Smartwatch.

Battery Life

The best smartwatch also doesn’t offer more than 4 days of battery life on a single charge. While in comparison of this a Fitness band easily provides 5 days battery life on a single charge. Some brands such as Xiaomi Mi band comes without display and it easily offers 45 days of battery life on a single charge. There’s also some fitness band that offers 1 year plus battery life. Garmin, the company manufacture fitness band and claims 1 year plus battery life on single charge.

Since a smartwatch offers a touchscreen display and more features, it consumes more battery.

Wrap Up

I think I’ve covered all the important points that you should know before buying a Smartwatch or Fitness Band. Both a smartwatch and Fitness Band are getting improved day by day. It is the right time for you to buy a smartwatch or fitness band. If you think I missed something any point that should take care before buying a smartwatch or fitness please let me know. Write your view in the below comment box. I’m hungry for your feedback. I hope you enjoyed the article about Smartwatch or Fitness Band. If it becomes helpful must share everywhere.

Are you using a Smartwatch or Fitness band please share your feedback in the below comment box?

Note: Always check the compatibility of your smartwatch with your smartphone.

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