Surface Pen with LED Light, Microsoft Filed a Patent

Surface Pen LED Light Microsoft filed Patent

Microsoft filed a new patent for the new Surface Pen LED. The Patent published by MSPowerUser which points at the stylus will get some new cool features.

Surface Pen LED Light Microsoft filed Patent

LED Surface Pen Patent- Microsoft

The Patent was filed in February 2017 which describes a stylus for touchscreen devices that can display additional information by integrating one or more multicolor LEDs. The LEDs can be installed at the upper part of the pen, near the tip, or in the middle.

The most basic feature would be an LED in the tip which would reflect the current color of the ink which would be applied when the pen is being used to write. Thus the user can recognize which color he is currently using, without having to reassure himself on the screen elsewhere.

The LEDs to be integrated with the stylus could also be used elsewhere to serve as a sort of notification to inform the user about incoming messages, status updates or emails. It will also indicate the battery level used in the stylus.

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