facebook algorithm changes change list

Facebook Algorithm Changes Here is Change list

Facebook Algorithm Changes On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg has announced another change to the algorithm to prioritize content from “, and groups.” The newest algorithm change was announced in a blog post by Eric Owens, a software engineer and David Vickrey, Engineering Manager at Facebook: Our goal with News Feed is to show everyone the […]

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pollution free nature friendly power plant electricity soil bacteria

Pollution free, Nature friendly Power Plant Electricity from Soil Bacteria

Pollution Free Nature Friendly Power Plant Electricity Soil Bacteria To generate we use coal and fossil fuels because electric power generates through hydroelectric plants or nuclear plants. These methods have serious drawbacks- water shortage or fouling the environment with pollution dust and greenhouse gases, radioactive damage. But now a group of researchers at the Wageningen […]

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android p developer preview available see whats new

Android P Developer Preview available See What’s New

Android P developer preview is mostly focused on the changes that will affect developers. Google VP of engineering Dave Burke is calling this “an early baseline build for developers only,”. This means this preview is only for developers. The main feature in Android P developer preview that is built-in support for “display cutout support” for notch display […]

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HMD Global may bring 8 old Phone leaders of the Phone market

We all know that the HMD Global acquired the former leader of the phone market which was NOKIA, has also started to renovate some of the best old feature phones by the brand. HMD Global launched more advanced version of the Nokia 3310 last year. After getting the success of Nokia 3310, HMD Global also launched a revamped version of […]

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India’s First Cryptocurrency Laxmi Coin, Launch date, Price

indias first cryptocurrency Laxmi coin launch date price Laxmi coin future-Laxmi Coin is India’s first Cryptocurrency which is required to get approval from the government of India. The Coin will similarly feature as Bitcoins etc and can be traded according to the market cap values. The official website of Laxmi coins is already launched on 1st March […]

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xda member developed messaging application twitter called aquila messenger

XDA Member developed a Messaging Application for Twitter called Aquila Messenger

XDA Member developed a Messaging Application for Twitter called Aquila Messenger Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets”. We all know that a lot of people use Twitter, we also use Twitter to see the latest tweets from people and brands they follow, but some actually […]

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Report Say 4 types of Facebook users, Which type are you?

Report Say 4 types of Facebook users, Which type are you? Facebook has nearly two billion monthly users. Users can be categorized into four types ranging from people who use the social media network to build on real-world relationships, to those focussed on “likes” and attention. On an average, 1.28 billion people check Facebook daily, and according to a […]

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