Xiaomi Smart Roller Skate Bundle Price and Availability

Xiaomi always releases products for adults, but now the company has collaborated with a company who makes products for kids. So, Xiaomi launched new product roller skate under crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin. This product is manufactured by Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Xiaoshun Technology. Xiaomi smart roller skate bundle price and availability –

Xiaomi Smart Roller Skate Price

The company has sets the price of its quality product roller skates at just 199 yuan ($30). The roller skate also comes with a set of protective gears, a helmet. Xiaomi sets the price of protective gears at 89 yuan ($13). The roller skate was developed with input from the owner of the Interskate roller rink in the U.S, Luther Bernstein.

The smart roller skate comes with a superfine inline design and four wheels are arranging vertically. So, to avoid the phenomenon of partial edge, its knife holder and the shoe body are in close contact with each other. The manufacturer uses a PP-resistant material to manufacture the body of the shoe. The 3D shoe is reinforced and impact-resistant and fits the ankle. The roller skate and its accessories come in three available size categories – S code (size 26-29), M code (30-34), L code (35-39).

In addition, The wheels of roller skates are wear-resistant and have shock-absorbing polyurethane pulleys, silent bearings, and non-slip grip. The right foot also includes a break to increase the safety factor at high-speed skating.

The company said this is a smart roller skate because it comes with a smart module built into the shoes. The smart module monitors the user’s movement data. So, the user can access the data via an app in order to view the duration of each skating exercise. The report also includes the number of steps, the average speed, and the calories burned.

The safety accessories include a knee pad, elbow pad, and a helmet. They are all available on crowdfunding via the Youpin website as a set or users may choose to buy by them separately. The Xiaomi Smart Roller Skate will be available in Grey/Yellow and Grey/Pink color combos.

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