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iPhone 8 Cases Listed Online Reveals Design Change

iPhone 8 Cases Listed Online Reveals Design Change

Oppomart has appeared listing iPhone 8 cases amidst the growing coverage of rumors of what may be Apple’s next iPhone lineup. The online retailer has listed three initial items, all which appear to be rugged cases for the new iPhone.

All the cases coincide with the current design features, leaked from Foxconn’s factories, that the ‘iPhone 8’ is supposedly going have; this includes the notable removal of the dedicated home button and fingerprint sensor at the front the device with an ‘all-display’ screen (with the case covering the bezels of the phone), effectively removing the prominent top and bottom bezels the iPhone has been known to have.

The cases also show the change in the dual-camera orientation on the rear of the device, coincided with other rumored changes with the iPhone.

OppoMart has listed the cases as currently ‘out-of-stock’.

Speculators have suggested that Apple may be changing up its routine on the iPhone series, however, so far the concrete evidence is lacking at this moment in time. If the rumors are true of a design change, this may indicate that an iPhone 7 and 7s’ line could be skipped in this circumstance, leaving us wondering about the lifespan of iPhone 7 and 7s’ third-party accessories manufacturers.


Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature Rolling Out Worldwide

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature Rolling Out Worldwide

Facebook has expanded its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature globally on both iOS and Android devices for its two billion users. “Today we’re beginning to roll out Find Wi-Fi everywhere in the world on iPhone and Android. We launched Find Wi-Fi in a handful of countries last year and found it’s not only helpful for people who are traveling or on-the-go, but especially useful in areas where cellular data is scarce,” Alex Himel, Engineering Director at Facebook, wrote in a blog post late Friday.

“Find Wi-Fi helps you locate available Wi-Fi hot spots nearby that businesses have shared with Facebook from their Page. So wherever you are, you can easily map the closest connections when your data connection is weak,” the post added.

To find Wi-Fi hotspots, open your Facebook app, click on the More tab and then Find Wi-Fi. Once in the Find Wi-Fi tab, you may need to turn Wi-Fi on, if it isn’t on already.

Users can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them. Businesses need to ‘claim’ their Wi-Fi network and associate it with their Facebook page for the Wi-Fi network to become available to users via the Find Wi-Fi feature.


iPhone 8 Screenguard with edge-to-edge protection Listed on e-commerce

iPhone 8 Screenguard with edge-to-edge protection Listed on e-commerce

The release of Apple’s iPhone 8 may still be months away, but a screen guard for the upcoming smartphone is already available for purchase.

A UK website has listed an “Olixar iPhone 8 Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector” for pre-order, claiming that the accessory will fit the new iPhone perfectly.

iphone 8 screenguard edge edge protection listed e commerce

Talking about the screen protector there are few cutouts visible and they are present at the top, where the speaker, sensors, and the camera are placed. There is no cutout for the Home button and there are no bezels. So the upcoming iPhone will most likely have a greater screen to body ratio.

MobileFun states “This ultra-thin full cover curved tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Features complete edge to edge screen protection for black phones.” It is priced at $31.99.

iPhone 8 Clone Spotted No Home-button

iPhone 8 Clone Spotted No Home-button

iPhone 8 is expected to debut in September this year, although there are three months away from the release time.

Before debut, a microblogger called @DigitalChatStation have revealed a video showing someone holding what appears to be an iPhone clone.

Camera set-up rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and there is no home button or we can say that home button has been repositioned at the back of the device. The screen-to-body ratio seems to be extremely large, hovering around 80-90%, with a slim top and bottom bezels.

Rumors also suggest that iPhone 8 will be bezel-less with a curved screen.

A couple of months ago, another concept, showing a more Samsung S8’esque’ design also removed the physical home button from the front, however it didn’t indicate whether the ‘iPhone’ had a physical home button on the back, or if the smartphone had an optical fingerprint sensor underneath the location of the virtual home button.

The iPhone 8’s physical Home button has been replaced by an on-screen circle-shaped button that is equipped with Apple’s 3D Touch feature that can distinguish different levels of pressure. There is a “function area” around it that can display customizable buttons. It functions like the Touch Bar available on the new MacBook Pro.

The iPhone 8 concepts reveal that it would be gracing a bezel-less OLED screen. However, it may not carry support for the standard 9:16 aspect ratio as it may feature a taller display. 

The function area can temporarily disappear when the user is watching videos or photos in the landscape mode. While watching videos in portrait mode, the function area will show a video scrubber for easily skipping back and forth.

iphone 8 clone spotted no home button

The iPhone 8 is speculated to run on Apple A11 chipset and iOS 11. Rumors also claim that Apple will debut AR features which indicate that the iPhone 8 may house a 3D depth-sensing camera that can be also used in other apps like games and facial recognition.


iPhone 9, 9 Plus may Come in 5.28” and 6.46” Sizes

iPhone 9, 9 Plus may Come in 5.28” and 6.46” Sizes 


One more rumor about iPhone, now this time rumor is not about iPhone 8, it’s all about iPhone 9. Only rumor and rumor there is no confirmation that how many iPhones will be released by Apple this year. A South Korean publication has revealed new information on iPhone 9 that will be probably launching in 2018.

The iPhone 9 is speculated to arrive with 5.28-inch screen whereas its larger sibling will be arriving with a 6.46-inch display. The iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus are pegged to come with OLED panels. Reports say that the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics has recently signed a deal with Apple to supply OLED panels. It is expected to supplying 80 million OLED screens to Apple.


Both companies have reportedly entered a non-disclosure agreement and hence they are unlikely to reveal any details on the screen size for the next year iPhones. Samsung is planning to build a new manufacturing unit that will exclusively produce OLED panels for the Cupertino company.

And there is no other information available on the specifications of iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus other than this.


iPhone 8 To Feature 3D Dual Front Cameras, LG invested $238.5 Million

iPhone 8 To Feature 3D, Dual Front Cameras with Selfie Portrait Mode


Since last year, Apple and LG Innotek are reportedly working together on a 3D facial recognition camera system that will not only work as a security feature but also it can be used on entertainment applications and augmented reality. LG has reportedly invested $238.5 million in a completely new facility for manufacturing the new 3D camera modules. LG has invested such a huge amount in a new facility for the 3D facial recognition camera for iPhone 8.

The new 3D camera will be smaller in size in comparison to the cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus. The 3D facial recognition camera would be able to sense depth and will be slotted on the front side of the upcoming iPhone.

A fresh rumor has emerged that the iPhone 8 would come with a dual camera setup up front which is capable of shooting 3D images. The dual cameras are also detailed to feature a special selfie portrait mode. This rumor emerged from Twitter.

The front camera is also said to have a 3D facial recognition technology developed by LG/Innotek which would make it the first smartphone in the world to have such.


Let’s hope all rumors go to the way. According to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, the iPhone 8 could be priced at $870 for the base model while the top-end 256GB version would go up for as much as $1,070.

Google Announced Google Assistant for iPhone

Google announced Google Assistant for iPhone

google-assistant-iphone (1)-topkhoj

The company first introduced Google Assistant on the Pixel phone. It is now available on more Android devices and it could also come to your appliances. It is currently available on 100 million devices out there.

Google I/O 2017 saw several announcements at the Google Keynote on Wednesday, “Today, I’m excited to announce that Google Assistant is available for iPhone,” VP of Engineering Assistant Scott Huffman said. The app isn’t currently available in the App Store as far as I can see, but it should be there later today.

Assistant over the past year has improved on its conversational abilities. The AI is able to recognize natural language and contextual meaning to understand and interact naturally with the Assistant.

Google Assistant is considered a more powerful voice assistant when you compare it to the current version of Siri. Hoffman announced that Assistant will now be able to understand typing and over the next few months you’ll see some niftier Assistant features.

Assistant’s integration with Apple’s iPhone can be seen as somewhat counterproductive to Apple’s effort with its own AI, Siri. But bringing Assistant to the iPhone as of now seems to be mostly limited to Google’s own productivity apps available on the App Store. The Assistant on iOS will be made available from version 9.1 and above.