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TopKhoj is a multi-niche website, launched on 2017 April 20. TopKhoj have everything in it’s pocket from news to reviews to the basic HOW- TO’S. At TopKhoj you’ll get updates on Tech news, Gadget reviews, Entertainment news (movies and web series references) and much more. TopKhoj provides news from most reliable sources and unique information. TopKhoj is powered by 100’s of the post to keep you updated and entertained.

About Amit Kumar (Founder of TopKhoj)

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

In this Digital world, you’re nothing without a web addressAmit Kumar
Hey, everyone It’s so uncommon to introduce myself; the thing that matters most you readers always inspire me to write more. I’m techie-freak and curious about every new Tech-buzz. I am very Enthusiast and Foody, I like to visit new places and love sightseeing. My friends call me “Freaky” and love to argue with me (still someone hates, but I don’t care). My hobby is one and only sleeping, but I’m typical fitness and love cooking. You can find me anytime on Instagram, you can Hangout for a discussion. You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn.

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