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Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison Buy Crypto

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges: So many exchanges which one you should choose? When you want to start investing in crypto, you see an ad there that offers you a freeway. How you can buy crypto? Robin Hood offers you two freeways, how you can buy crypto? But is it true? is it really that way that those are the best ones that you can buy crypto with? In this article, I’m going to focus on and tell you the best crypto exchanges that you can buy crypto with and this is based on my experience with most of the crypto brokers or crypto exchanges. Read more below to know Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison Buy Crypto.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison

I’m not paid by any of them and in the first part I’m going to show you is that those which I don’t recommend at all to use like just don’t use them. And I have my reasons for it so when someone is going to ask you like if they want to invest in crypto and they’re going to ask you what you think about them. You can say okay I don’t recommend using those, those, those, only because they’re not that great. Because of these reasons and then I’m going to tell you which I recommend for you to use. Now let’s start Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison. Buy Your First CryptoCurrency

Of those that I don’t recommend the first one is Etoro. You’re gonna see many ads about it that “Oh my god you need to invest into crypto Etoro” is not true at all. Don’t do it why? The first one is high fees you see it in the below image dash, ripple, bitcoin, 0.7%, 1.9%. They say that it’s free, yes, it’s free but they have high spread fees.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison Buy Crypto 2021
eTOrO fees: Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison

The spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices of a certain asset. Spreads are a common way in which trading platform charges fees for most of the platforms. When they offer you a freeway, how you can buy crypto? It’s not free they got spread fees and now you see in the above image two percent Ethereum got like two percent nearly look at this (see the below images) Binance 0.10%, Kraken 0.16%, crypto.com 0.10% – 0.16%, Kucoin 0.10%.

You see it right here god damn it is damn expensive the first thing. The second thing is that doesn’t have many coins that you can buy with your money. So when you want to use it or you see that you don’t have just as many coins compared to Binance compare to others. But yes you see like dogecoin or like 2.9% which is also pretty high. So don’t use Etoro, high fees compared to the others, customer support is kind of non-existent and it’s kind of hard to they got sometimes technical difficulties and because of this, I don’t really like Etoro.

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Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison: Not Recommendation

Now the second one that I don’t recommend using is Robinhood. Thanks to Robinhood, you can actually withdraw your crypto. What you need to do is when you want to withdraw you need to sell it first then you need to pay taxes and then you can actually transfer your money to a different broker different exchange it’s so bad right? So I wouldn’t actually recommend it. It’s a bad idea so that’s something that I wouldn’t do and this is the first thing Robinhood gets. Also high fees about 1 to 1.5%, those are spread fees too. They will say to that okay you can invest in crypto for free, not true at all. They got fees too, so Robinhood is another thing and I wouldn’t use it for buying crypto, for buying stocks, for long-term holding.

The third one is Revolut. Revolut is mainly a European app, again I don’t recommend using it. They are not transparent about the fees that much and they got the highest fees on the market. They go about 2.5 for buying and selling so you’re just gonna pay five to six percent (see below image). The fees for Revolut that’s the first thing the second thing is that you can’t actually withdraw money from Revolut. You can withdraw the crypto money from Revolut, you need to again sell it and then you can buy different crypto on different platforms. So my recommendation doesn’t use Revolut, don’t use Robinhood, don’t use Etoro.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison Buy Crypto 2021
Revolut fees: Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison: My Recommendation

And now those which I recommend for you to use the first one is Binance. I use Binance for like four years right now and I’m heavily satisfied with it. In my opinion, Binance is top-notch that you can use. About Binance first thing first, they’ve been here for like a really long time and well they are one of the most stable ones on the market. They got really low fees and if you use this link you will get even 5% fewer fees. So that’s pretty good.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison Buy Crypto 2021

You see in the below image that maker-taker 0.10%. If you’re going to use the BNB the deduction discount that’s 25% and if you would actually use it with my 5% it’s another five percent from this. So that’s like damn good right. So that’s something that I would definitely recommend for you to use.

Binance fees: Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Exchanges Comparison

And let’s go to the next one is the Coinbase that I recommend using. But one thing about Binance guys, Binance is perfect in one regard is that you’re gonna have like plenty of coins, plenty of old coins that you can buy. But there is a disadvantage about Binance that it’s a little bit complicated. You will need to actually learn and master Binance. It’s going to take time.

Let’s go to Coinbase. Coinbase is my recommendation you shouldn’t use Coinbase, you should use Coinbase Pro. Why is it that Coinbase offers you how what’s called higher fees because you’re buying crypto from retail? Coinbase in my opinion is one of the easiest ones on the market. When you want to buy from coinbase.com you click buy and sell here one thousand euro look at the (in the below image) fees which is pretty high 38 euro out of 1000. If I’m going to use CoinbasePro in which I’m trading with other people look at these fees (in the below image) for five euros only so that’s pretty good.

But you can see it (in the below image) 0.50% & 0.50% it’s again more expensive than Binance but it’s much easier to master and use. I’ve been using Coinbase and Binance both and in my opinion, they are both really good. So but Coinbase got higher fees, choose which one you want I recommend using Binance then we have Kraken. Kraken again has really low fees 0.16% – 0.26% plenty of people are happy with using Kraken (see the below image). They say okay I don’t personally use Kraken but I see plenty of recommendations that people are happy with. They are happy so that’s something that I would recommend. Join Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Masterclass.

The next one is crypto.com. Crypto.com again real low fees plenty of people are using it so the maker-taker is 0.10% if you’re gonna use the CRO the crypto token then you have even lower fees. So that’s something you can do discount in maker-taker.

Then we have Kucoin. Here Kucoin is another platform when I look at a fee of 0.10% and 0.10% and I think you can get even less if you’re using Kucoin token so that’s something that I recommend for you to use.


So to summarize this whole article don’t use Etoro, don’t use Robinhood, don’t use Revolut those are like mistakes. If you’re going to use them, high fees are not transparent about the fees, and also Etoro got withdrawal fees so that’s another fee that you would pay. Then we have a Binance with really low fees. You can get five percent even less if you’re gonna use this link. Then another thing is that what I wanted to share with you is that yes it’s a little bit hard to master how we can actually use it.

So that’s something you should definitely keep in mind and then we’re gonna have a Coinbase. Coinbase.com has plenty of really good platforms for people who are starting out and I would definitely recommend using it if you just like just really really starting out. You can make and start investing money into Coinbase. One thing is that don’t use coinbase.com use ProCoinbase on which you’re gonna trade with other people only because on coinbase.com the fees are much much much much higher.

And let’s go further we have a Kraken. Kraken has a good stable maker-taker 0.160% to 0.26% higher than Binance but again you can use that. Then we have crypto.com again those are really low fees. If you’re gonna use crypto.com use CRO token. Then we have Kucoin, Kucoin is another platform we can definitely check out so that’s something you can definitely do.

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