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7 Best Car Tyre Inflator India 2021 Top Brands Reviews

Are you a car owner? If yes, then you must have to keep essential car accessories with yourself. There’re lots of car accessories are available for car interior and exterior. So here I’ll tell you about one of the most important exterior accessories for your car i.e. a car tyre inflator. A car tyre inflator is also known as a car tyre air pump.

Car tyre inflator is an essential and very necessary accessory so you always have to keep your car tyre inflator in your car all the time. There’re several reasons behind this, Imagine you’re being stuck in the middle of the road at night in case you get a flat tyre. It’s not safe anymore. An inflator for cars will help you inflate your tyre immediately and take you to the nearest garage. There is no need to queue at the petrol pumps to top up the air in the tires. You can use your car tyre inflator for more purposes like to inflate your kids’ bike wheels, soccer balls, swimming floats, and even the occasional air mattress.

But the tuff job is to find out the best car tyre inflator because of lots of availability. So we’ve spent hours to find out the 7 best car tyre inflator for your car these are from the top brands available to buy in India online at a very reasonable price.

List Of 7 Best Car Tyre Inflators

7 Best Car Tyre Inflator Reviews Top Brands India

1) myTVS TI-4 Metallic Car Tyre Inflator

Car Tyre Inflator

myTVS TI-4 Metallic Car Tyre Inflator offers heavy-duty always. The inflator is completely ideal for Sedans, SUVs also including all car models. It offers superfast inflation because it packs a powerful motor, metal body and Psi of this inflator is 100. This inflator is compact in size, convenient to use, and ever-prepared to perform.

It inflates your car tyres instantly anytime and anywhere. The metal body is built to last forever. High in durability, hardness, and toughness. It has a safe insulating body. The inflator for car tyre is integrated with an advanced technology torch also for emergency low light conditions or darkness. It comes with a 12V power plug that serves as a wonderful source of seamless power supply.

  • Cable storage space
  • Compatible with all cars and Cars
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator
  • Faster than any Normal inflator
  • Reliable performance.

2) Coido 3326 Electric Car Tyre Inflator

Car Tyre Inflator

Coido 3326 Electric Car Tyre Inflator is a time and energy saver and easy to use inflator. It also comes with a torch function. Using this inflator you can do fast and easy inflation for your car or other vehicle tires like a bike, bicycle, and other. It has a specially designed pump moto that provides fast air delivery without any hassle. So its inflating time is significantly short. The compact design of the car tyre inflator offers ease of carrying and storage.

  • Effortless and easy inflation of tyres, balls, and rubber rafts
  • On-off switch for flasher as well as an air compressor for better usability
  • Equipped with pressure checking gauge.

3) Autofy AIR+ Car Tyre Inflator

Car Tyre Inflator

Autofy universal car tyre inflator is an advanced digital and analog display portable car tyre inflator. It comes with an emergency LED light and 150Psi portable air compressor pump. So you can use the right amount of pressure that ensures good mileage and fuel cost savings during daily runs and long motorway journeys. Proper tyre pressure increases tyre life by reducing wear as well. The car tyre inflator comes with auto cut features means just set the desired tyre pressure and switch ON. It will stop automatically when target pressure is reached.

  • Auto cut
  • Advanced Display
  • Clip Lock
  • Wire & LED
  • Good for any car.

4) Goodyear GY-SSD204A Digital Car Tyre Inflator

Car Tyre Inflator

Goodyear GY-SSD204A is a complete digital tyre inflator. It comes in blue and yellow in color. The inflator has an emergency LED light also. Goodyear inflator has pre-set and stop function. Using this inflator you get an accurate and easy-to-read Gauge. It is powered by a 12V lighter socket. It includes a bright LED light with PSI and Bar readings. The air hose length 500mm plug cord is 3 meters.

  • Preset and auto-stop function.
  • Accurate, easy to read Gauge.
  • Powered By 12v Lighter socket.
  • Bright LED Light with PSI and BAR reading
  • Air Hose length 500 mm Plug Cord: 3 Metres.

5) Michelin 12260 Hi-Power Car Tyre Inflator

Michelin 12260 is a hi-power car tyre inflator, comes with a detachable digital tyre pressure gauge. The inflator comes in a compact design, sturdy plastic body, detachable tyre pressure gauge, bright LED lights, 12V power, and deflation valve. Its powerful motor inflates tyre quickly. It also includes LED lights that help in the dark or emergency situations at night. Since it has a detachable tyre pressure gauge it helps you to check the air pressure without lifting the complete unit. Its pump is switchable between 35.0 PSI, BAR, and KPA so you can fill the air up under any recommended unit for your car.

  • Digital Gauge Accurate To +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI
  • 0-30 PSI In Approx 4 Minutes
  • Switchable Between PSI, BAR & kPa
  • Super Bright LED Lights
  • Deflation Valve
  • 60cm High-Pressure Air Hose.

6) Solimo Portable Digital Inflator & Candle

Solimo Portable Digital Car Tyre Inflator is portable, safe, and for multipurpose use. The compact inflator for the car does not take up much space in the trunk and effectively inflates a tire in ~ 5 minutes. It works with 12V power which can be readily supplied from the car cigarette socket, making it handy and compatible with all cars. A 3000mm long electrical cable and 500mm long hose provide enough mobility to use the inflator for all four tires. The digital inflator includes an LED, which promotes easy use in the dark. The automatic shutdown feature ensures that the inflator switches off when the required tire pressure is reached. An additional safety valve protects against overload, thus increasing the service life. Not the only car but also can be used to inflate basketballs, soccer balls, etc. With the help of a pin included in the design.

  • With dimensions of 18.3×15.7×7.4 cm, it is easily portable and saves car space
  • Fast refill with a filling time of ~5 minutes
  • Works on 12V power supply, readily available in the car’s cigarette power outlet
  • Compatible with cigarette charging points of all cars
  • Electric wire of length 3000mm and 500 mm long hose for convenient refilling
  • Digital display for added convenience
  • LED bulb to facilitate usage in the dark
  • Auto-shut when tyre reaches the desired pressure
  • Pin for an added utility like inflating footballs, basketballs, etc
  • A safety valve prevents overload, adding to the life of the product
  • Noise levels of < 80dB remain within permissible limits
  • 6-months warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Do not use for more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

Wax Tealight Candles

  • Set of 100 unscented wax tealight candles
  • On average, these candles burns up to 2 hours and 50 minutes
  • These candles are smokeless, odorless and do not leave any soot residue
  • Can be used with or without candle holders
  • Size: Diameter of 3.7 cm and height of 1.2 cm
  • Ideal for the festive season, weddings, parties, and special events.

7) Bergmann Inflator & Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Car Tyre Inflator is a heavy-duty tyre inflator. Bergmann Typhoon has German technology that brings you the Heavy-Duty Metal Tire Inflator which is not only fast but is sturdy, safe, sturdy, durable, reliable, ultra-portable, and affordable. It packs a powerful 100% copper motor that is designed for long-term efficient operation even in difficult climatic conditions. To operate you need to just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, attach the hose’s brass valve to the tire and turn it on. It’s super fast and can inflate a mid-sized tire from 0 to 30 psi in just about 2 minutes. It has an easy-to-read pressure gauge also that is accurate up to +2% and is protected by a rubber bumper.

It also has a bright LED light which is very useful when using in low light or low light conditions. Its high-quality woven (knitted) rubber air hose is heated and wear-resistant. The durable metal body is grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement. The best thing about this car tyre inflator is it doesn’t require periodic maintenance and the design is oil-free. Additional nozzles have been provided to inflate toys, balls, and water sports equipment. Overall the Bergmann Car Tyre Inflator is a great product!

  • Solid metal body inflator
  • Faster inflation
  • Built-in high-precision pressure gauge
  • Braided rubber air hose
  • Anti-vibration feet and long cord
  • Bright LED Light
  • Multipurpose attachments and a free bag
  • No maintenance.

Bergmann Tornado Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12V copper-core motor with strong suction power can lift several coins and a mobile phone through vacuum suction
  • High quality, tough and pure ABS material with a 3m long 12V cigarette lighter plug
  • Dual purpose, suitable for wet as well as dry usage
  • Comes with high quality, washable medical-grade HEPA filter
  • Comes with 2 attachments: Crevice nozzle and brush
  • Translucent dust bowl.

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The above-listed car tyre inflators are tested on a regular Sedan, Hatchback & SUV (each) tyre during normal condition. So you can buy any of them the best car tyre inflator for your car. These are multipurpose inflators so you can use it for kids’ bike wheels, soccer balls, swimming floats, and even the occasional air mattress.

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