facebook paid subscription feature coming soon for exclusive content

Facebook Paid Subscription Feature coming Soon for Exclusive Content

Group will get new feature Facebook Paid Subscription For Exclusive Content As we know that Facebook is the world largest social network. And the company regularly testing for new features, updating features, Adding more interesting things and more. Now Facebook is testing a new feature i.e Facebook Paid Subscription for Exclusive content. Basically, this feature will […]

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facebook users leave feedback viewed ads

Facebook: users can leave feedback for their viewed ads

Facebook said on Tuesday it’d permit users to review businesses that publicize on the social network and presumably ban those who receive the foremost feedback. The move is geared toward cracking down on businesses whose ads mislead users into shopping for low-quality merchandise or services or companies that fail to deliver product in their expressed […]

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Facebook fire granting extended access user data

Facebook: Once again under fire for granting extended access to user data

In the wake of secret knowledge deals with smartphone manufacturers, and a bug that turned personal posts public for innumerable users, Facebook is another time beneath fire: this point for the approach it gave bound firms extended access to its network of knowledge on users, through 2014 and on the far side. The claims reportable […]

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Facebook launched Express WiFi Android App

Facebook Launched its Express WiFi Android App

Facebook has unveiled an Express Wi-Fi app for Android smartphones to go along with its distributed Wi-Fi network. It allows users in developing countries access its paid Wi-Fi service. Basically, this is a carrier-provided connectivity service that claims to provide “affordable Internet.” As of now, the app is available in Indonesia and Kenya. Earlier, users […]

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facebook algorithm changes change list

Facebook Algorithm Changes Here is Change list

Facebook Algorithm Changes On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg has announced another change to the algorithm to prioritize content from “, and groups.” The newest algorithm change was announced in a blog post by Eric Owens, a software engineer and David Vickrey, Engineering Manager at Facebook: Our goal with News Feed is to show everyone the […]

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Report Say 4 types of Facebook users, Which type are you?

Report Say 4 types of Facebook users, Which type are you? Facebook has nearly two billion monthly users. Users can be categorized into four types ranging from people who use the social media network to build on real-world relationships, to those focussed on “likes” and attention. On an average, 1.28 billion people check Facebook daily, and according to a […]

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