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Best Airdresser Samsung India 2021: Samsung Jetsteam Cabinet Clothes Dryer Machine

As you know that technology is improving day by day and it is making our lifestyle more personalized, easier, and comfortable. Everything is now becoming smart, including your phone, bag to home. There are lots of leading companies in the market that are known as top-notch tech companies and they always offer smart devices and appliances for our personal use or for home purposes including clothes dryer machines. There’s Samsung as it is known as India’s most trusted consumer electronics brands. Samsung has recently introduced a clothing care solution clothes dryer machine that is also in a smart way means you can say that an advanced clothing care solution that is known as Samsung AirDresser or Samsung Jetsteam Cabinet. The AirDresser is also considering as industry-first and Best Airdresser Samsung In India 2021.

“Consumers around the world have come to expect that Samsung products offer practical solutions to make their lives more convenient. Created with our deep knowledge of consumer needs and using cutting-edge technology to transform how we care for our clothes at home, AirDresser serves as an efficient solution to refreshing clothing every day. We are confident that consumers will enjoy better clothing care and easier maintenance with AirDresser as it sanitizes clothes and eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and it will go on to become an essential home appliance just like the washing machine and dryer,” said Mr. Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Best Airdresser Samsung India 2021

How To Sanitize Clothes Using Airdresser Samsung?

Samsung AirDresser also work as clothes dryer machine. Follows Following Steps to sanitize clothes:

1) JetSteam: Sanitize and refresh your clothes. JetSteam uses the powerful Jet Air system to infuse high-temperature steam deep into the material of garments. It banishes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor-causing gases, and 99% of other harmful substances.

2) JetAir: The Jet Air and Air Hanger’s release powerful air to loosen and take away engrained dust, with only minimal noise and vibration, quiet enough for anywhere inside the house, including the bedroom.

3) Heatpump Drying: Heatpump Drying dries clothes at low temperatures to reduce risk of damage and shrinkage.

4) Deodorizing Filter: Deodorizing Filter captures and reduces odor particles caused by sweat, tobacco, and food on your clothes and prevents them from building up inside the unit to form lingering unpleasant smells. Meanwhile, the Self-Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the within of your smart AirDresser to make sure your clothes stay refreshed. It even notifies users whenever the unit needs cleaning every 40 cycles.

What Samsung AirDresser Can Do?

Remove Wrinkles From Clothes: This clothes dryer machine offers you neater trying to find clothes without the effort of ironing! Wrinkle Care uses a mixture of steam and air to relax and smooth creases in clothes, so they’re quickly able to wear. It can remove 100% of wrinkles from woolen clothes and 80% of wrinkles from rayon material.

Remove Dust On Clothes: The Best AirDresser Samsung removes dust and odors from inside and out of doors your clothes quickly and quietly. Using the Jet Air system and Air Hangers it blows powerful jets of air upwards and downwards. So it loosens and removes engrained dust, even deep inside clothes. And it creates less vibration and far less noise.

Smart Clothing Care: Using Samsung AirDresser now take excellent care of garments by keeping your room dry, without an additional dehumidifier. When the door is open, the Dehumidification function draws in air from the space, extracts moisture from it, and expels dry air. It ensures that any clothes are kept within the ideal conditions to guard them.

Personalized AI-powered Clothing Care And Maintenance

You can control this AirDresser Samsung clothes dryer machine by smartphone so you’ll enjoy better clothing care and maintenance. SmartThings enhances the performance using user data. ‘Care Recipe’ suggests the simplest wash cycles. ‘My Closet’ suggests courses for your clothes. ‘Special Course’ allows you to access common and specialist cycles. ‘Home Care’ enables troubleshooting.

  • Capacity: Jacket 3 + Pants 3 (jacket 5 + pant 2)
  • JetSteam: uses the powerful jet-air system to sanitize and refresh your clothes
  • Deodorizing Filter: captures & removed odor-causing gases on clothes and keeps them fresh
  • HeatPump Drying: uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes, reducing damage and shrinkage
  • Display Type: touch, LCD, smart control(Wi-Fi enabled)
  • Product Warranty terms: 1 year on product
  • Wrinkle care: get neater clothes without the hassle of ironing
  • Dehumidification: removes moisture from the air and protects clothes, ensures they smell fresh.

Conclusion: Samsung Jetsteam Cabinet Clothes Dryer Machine

The Samsung AirDresser is that the new thanks to refreshing and sanitize your wardrobe reception. This clothes dryer machine is designed to sort of a tall, thin cabinet, the garment steamer combines powerful air and steam to relax light wrinkles and refresh clothing. Stylish and modern, the Air Dresser makes life easier because it blends in with any closet or bedroom. The device’s deodorizing filter eliminates 99% of stubborn odors. supported testing by Intel rtek, employing a Normal cycle, eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde, and tetrachloroethylene.

Operate the Air Dresser clothes dryer machine without the danger of warmth damage or shrinking because the steamer machine employs gentle, low-heat drying with no noise or shaking; the drying cabinet is simply that innovative! With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll even operate your Air Dresser remotely. Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

The steamer has 22 different cycles to run on, comes with a weight kit, has built-in Self Clean technology, and therefore the ability to even dehumidify an area. Modernize your closet and provides your clothing a replacement life.

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