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REES52 3D Pen Price India 2024

Do you love to doodle? Are you a crafter? If your answer is Yes, then you’re at the right place. We all know that technology is growing day by day, and it makes Dooling easy. Because now you don’t need to learn more about 3D doodle software. It all happens because of 3D Pen, it makes doodling much easier, a child can also operate easily and can create 3D designs. But, now you’re thinking 3D pens should be costlier, so here I’ll tell you about the best 3D pens at the best price. REES52 Pen Price in India, because it is one of the best 3D Pen available in India at a budget price.

Here I’ll tell you, from where you can buy REES52 3D Pen at best price & What things you should consider before buying a 3D Pen. A 3D pen can cost from Rs.1000 to 12000 or above depending upon brand, feature & specifications. Here I’ll tell you a budget-friendly REES52 3D Pen so you can buy and learn more about how to use and how a 3D pen is helpful for you. Then after you can purchase a more premium & costlier 3D pen.

REES52 3d Pen Under Rs.5000

REES52 3d Pen

Product Name


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REES52 3D Pen with LCD Screen

REES52 3D-Printing Pen

REES52 3D Printing Pen with LCD screen

What things you should consider before buying a 3D Pen?

Speed Control

Most 3D pens include a temperature & speed system. Search for pens that have speed control options. Speed control costs efficiency, accuracy, and increase the comfort of drawing.

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Filament Type

3D filaments are materials used for 3D printing. Most 3D pens have ABS/PLA as the filament type. In general, the expert recommends PLA filaments as their first choice. So buy a 3D pen that has both PLA/ABS option.


A steady hand and a gradual device make the art cleaner and accurate. The ergonomic design of the pen offers just that. So a 3D pen that has an ergonomic design and not too bulky is perfect for doodling.

Automatic Shutoff

The automatic shutdown feature turns the pen off if it’s left idle for too long. These features prevent damage due to overheating. Choose a 3D pen that has an auto-shutoff/standby feature.

What can you use it for?

You can easily use a REES52 3D Pen for Arts, Invention, Spatial Thinking, Education, Fun. Doesn’t matter what you’re, an engineer, artist, or creator, you can create unique artwork using REES52 3D pen. Generate ideas in your brain and take it to the real world easily.

The 3D pen helps you to be creative. This REES52 3D pen is also good for kids, students & teachers. It improves the way for learning and teaching in a fun way. since the 3D pen is also perfect for kids so, parents and kids can spend their happy time together at home.

REES52 3D Pen Safety

Above listed REES52 3D pens are budget-friendly but offer you premium features and definitely perfect for Children. Please Make sure that children are with the parent when using the 3D pen. So if you’re a parent and reading this article I’ll appeal to you to allow your children to use the 3D pen with adult supervision.

  • DO NOT touch the nozzle or heat dissipation area during use
  • Unload the filament after use and turn off the power
  • If filament wasn’t removed after previous use, re-heat the 3d pen then press the Forward button
  • Do not press the reserve button
  • Read the instruction before use
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