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Six Tips to Consider for Choosing a Hotel Management College

Are you interested in hospitality and want to develop your skills in a thriving career? Well, these days everyone is looking for a lucrative career in this field. Before taking your foot forward, consider a few tips for choosing the best college. Only after that, enrolling in the best hotel management college in Dehradun will be fruitful.

Hospitality management education has always been viewed with skepticism by many stakeholders, including employers. This is because the programs and courses being offered by colleges of repute and fly by night small independent colleges do not live up to the quality standards expected by employers. The students who are educated and trained in these colleges do not match up to global service standards. With so many hotel management colleges, you need to be careful about choosing the best management college in Dehradun. Choosing a hotel management college is a tough job. Here are the factors that you need to consider before taking admission to a hotel management college.

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  • Affiliation and Accreditation:

The degree of certification and the college’s accreditation decide the fate of a student. The college and the degree it is offering should be recognized and accredited by relevant authorities and organizations. Affiliation of the institution should be of utmost care after the recent cases showcased light on degree mills. Colleges that are members of international associations and organizations have a better chance of shaping a student’s future.

Accreditation is the first thing you should check when choosing the best hotel management college in Dehradun. It is because, without any affiliation and accreditation, your qualifications won’t be of any value. International and national affiliations add more value to the degree you’ll receive after completing the course.

  • Infrastructure of the College:

An extensive search for good hotel management in Dehradun or anywhere in India should only end after evaluating its past, present, and future. For the next 3-4 years, as a student, you will spend a huge portion of your day at your college, especially at the culinary lab. So, inspect the infrastructure and amenities they offer. The college should have well-aerated classroom areas. And the lab should be facilitated with all the required tools and things needed for the class. The college must also have an extensive library with various hotel management books and references with free access to the computer for any research/study about hotel management studies.

  • Placement Record:

Is the hotel management college offering enough career opportunities by conducting regular placement drives? Are the faculties supportive and encouraging to attend these job fairs and get placed in esteemed job positions? Go on and check them out.  Placement assistance is the most important aspect that you need to check before choosing a hotel management college. If the college provides placement assistance, then your next questions should be about the recruiters and the college placement stats. Talk to their students and get in touch with their alumni to evaluate placement scenario.

  • Location:

Most of the parents prefer hotel management college within their city limit so that it is convenient to travel to and from home. Look for a college located at the prime center of your city, which lies in close proximity to the railway station and enjoys fantastic connectivity to all kinds of private and public transport systems. This makes it an ideal choice for hotel management aspirants.

  • Affordable Fee:

When it comes to hotel management studies, there is a very high possibility of falling prey to fake advertisements that boast of overseas opportunities and entice students with marketing materials. Alert yourself and trust only the best. Go on and check out the fee structure of various hotel management colleges. There are a few colleges that event admits candidates for free based on their academic background and financial status.

The cost of pursuing a hotel management course is the most crucial aspect while choosing a college. The cost should be affordable and also relevant to the course at the same time. The ‘Cost’ of the program determines the type of courses and colleges one picks up. It is always advised to take up specialization courses in hotel management, especially if you have work experience.

  • Course Content and Teacher:

Before choosing a college of hotel management, check their course material. You should know that the quality of academics matters a lot. Check the course material and also check whether the course is industry-friendly. Does the course offer any scope of gaining hands-on experience in the industry? Also, find out the college provides practical hours or not. Also, check about the internship opportunities.

The faculty is the next most crucial part along with the course and curriculum of a hotel management college. Check their qualification and experience. See whether they are industry experts or not. A good teacher will always help you to gain professional and technical skills.

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