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Best Portable Electric Stove for Home In India 2021: Advantages

A portable electric stove is often used for several different purposes, and that they are a lot more common than people think. The main reason that an individual would want a stove is if they lived in a small space where there’s not enough room for a full-sized cooker. An electrical stove is a very compact device that can be used for heating foods and cooking foods, too. One more reason why an individual may want a stove is for a camping holiday where there’s access to electricity. Let’s take a look at a number of the various stoves on offer.

One portable stove that you might want to take a look at is the Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop. The good thing about this particular portable electric stoves is that it’s incredibly affordable. For a start, it’s only one hub meaning that you simply will only be able to cook one thing at once, or heat up one thing at once. However, it’s perfect for cooking or heating up simple things like soups and sauces, which are great foods when it comes to camping.

There are many different places in which you’ll be able to buy stoves. If you’re searching for a portable electric stove read below. We have listed the 4 best portable electric stoves with their available destination. This is where you’ll be able to purchase, usually at an awfully affordable price. There are some costlier models, but if you do not camp on a regular basis then it’s probably wise to choose a less expensive model so that you don’t end up wasting money.

4 Best Portable Electric Stoves For Home India 2021

Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop

Best Portable Electric Stove: Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop is built for Indians. It comes ready with Indian menu options. So you can cook your food like chapati, idli, curry, dosa, etc. at the touch of a button with great taste. This portable electric stove is very easy to operate and also very safe. It is equipped with a black glass panel along with an anti-magnetic wall that ensures the panel heats only in the center, not the whole panel.

  • Type of Control Panel – Push button
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 1200W
  • Indian menu option
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Auto switch-off
  • Easy maintenance
  • Soft buttons
  • Perfect for the bachelor
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Induction Cooktop

Pigeon by Stovekraft Induction Cooktop is an 1800-Watt portable induction cooktop. This portable electric stove is very user-friendly so you can use any kind of induction-friendly cookware to cook your favorite food. It has inbuilt indicators for every function that indicates temperature, voltage input, etc. This electric stove allows you to boil up to 10 liters of liquid at a time.

  • 5 amp switch for ease of use
  • Power: 1800 – 2000 watts
  • Dual heat sensor
  • Automatic shut off
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.

Usha Cook Joy Induction Cooktop

Using the Usha Cook Joy Induction Cooktop you are able to control your cooking process at the touch of a button. This portable electric stove is programmed to work up to 180 minutes with auto shut-off and pause function. It packs a copper coil and temperature controller so you get safe and energy-efficient cooking without any interruption.

  • Resistant to voltage fluctuation up to 1500 volts
  • Power saving intelligence, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Pan sensor technology Manual setting to customize the cooking
  • 10 Amp Plug with earthing for safety.
  • Extra-long cord Flexible power cord of 1.2-meter length
  • 5 preset menu options
  • Power consumption-1600 W, 230 volts
  • Control: Push Button
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop

Best Portable Electric Stove: Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop comes with sturdy glass panel for convenient and fast cooking. This electric stove has cool touch surface and auto-off program feature. It has wide range of cookware compatibility such as Stainless Steel Pots, Stainless Steel Rice Cookers, Cast Iron Frying Pots, Oil boiling Pots, Stainless Steel Water Jugs, Cast Iron Pots, Color Pots, and Grilling Iron Plate.

  • Power: 2100W
  • Operating voltage: 220-240V
  • Full glass-paneled body with sensory touch buttons
  • Ten preset menus with twenty four hours preset timer function
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • 24 hours preset timer function for delayed cooking
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.

Advantages of An Electric Stove

Nowadays, a lot of people trying to transform are their kitchen are thinking about whether they should continue a gas cooktop or switch to the portable electric stove. To be perfectly honest, both are equally good at providing the required cooking qualities in every home. However, a lot of people are choosing the electric cooker – and for a good reason. Following are some of the advantages of the electric stove compared to the gas model.


In terms of design, a portable electric stove is definitely better. It looks cleaner due to the flat surface with attachments lesser than the gas cooktop. The fact that there also are several designs and sizes to decide on makes it easier for homeowners to choose the most effective model that would fit in their kitchen.

Variable Settings

Although a gas cooktop also provides flexibility in terms of heat, the electric model provides it better. Some cooktops allow space for specific temperature needs. For example, there’s the simmer that makes it easy to keep sauces hot or a high-temperature setting that enables for faster frying.


An electric stove is definitely easier to clean, mainly because of the flatness of the surface. There are also specific cleaning items for it just like the plastic scraper and the washing liquid – thereby removing the need to check various cleaning supplies. Depending on how an individual uses their unit, a portable electric stove may require very minimal maintenance.


The main difference between the electric and gas cooktop is that the absence of an open flame. This is definitely safer as the possibility of fire is incredibly small. In fact, a portable electric stove ensures that the heat is emitted in a very concentrated area that will increase safety as well as speed up the cooking process.

Less Expensive

Some may argue that a portable electric stove is costlier than the gas. In the long run, however, electric appliances would save better – especially if they are Energy Star rated. That being said, try to choose a unit that is made with low energy consumption in mind. This information should be easily found by reading through reviews and manufacturer descriptions.

All in all, a portable electric stove is unquestionably a far better buy than the traditional gas cooktop. An induction cooktop saves you a lot of money, especially with the rising LPG prices.

Final Verdict: Best Portable Electric Stove

The average lifespan of a gas stove is 15 years while on the other hand, the average lifespan of an electric stove is about 13 years, not bad. For longer life use you must have to clean them regularly.

Just plug the electric stove into any conventional outlet. Can you picture having one in your family room or in your living room? If you desire to move the unit from one room to another, it is easy to do so. The wonderful thing about these electric stoves is that they are so reasonably priced and economical to use you can afford to buy more than one!

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