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Fake Antivirus Increases The Risk At Work From Home, Affect Laptop-PC, Learn How to Use

Fake antivirus can cause damage to laptops and computers. Hackers can also leak personal details through fake antivirus. We are telling you how to stay safe from this.

Due to the increasing use of the internet and work from home culture, now the threat of cybersecurity has increased even more. Many types of viruses can attack your system. In such a situation, most people use antivirus to keep their laptops and PC safe. It is possible that most of you have also installed anti-virus on your PC or laptop, but do you know that fake antivirus available in the market can leak your personal data. Your data can be threatened by fake antivirus coming at cheap prices.

What is a pirated antivirus?

Counterfeit antivirus software (malware – a kind of virus) is a way to create hackers by leaking any user’s personal information by copying any original software. Not only this, when you install it in your system, it will not obey the command given by you. Gradually, due to this malware (software), the speed of your system will start to decrease. Also, it will be more difficult to remove it later. It also displays interactive security warnings for computer users.

Fake Antivirus

How can fake antivirus get into a computer?

If you do not buy cheap (pirated or first copy) antivirus available in the market, then it can be installed in your system only while working online or on the Internet. Most hackers sell this type of free antivirus software using email, social networking sites, internet advertising, and other malware. These hackers use the help of the latest technology for this task. So that more and more computers can be targeted. If you see a link for such free advertising malware, then do not click on it. The presence of pop-ups asking for personal information is a great way to identify a fake virus.

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How can the system stay safe?

  • Be cautious while visiting any web link.
  • Always keep system software up to date.
  • For more information about the importance of software patching, understand patches.
  • To report cybercrime or fraud, complain to cyber crime cell.
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