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5G Signal in smartphones, but no speed, these simple tips will increase the internet speed

Methods to boost 5G signal: The poles of the 4G/5G network are visible in the smartphone, there is also an unlimited recharge plan, but the speed is not available. Companies are promising Gbps, but you are not even getting Mbps. The screen is moving round and round and with it, your forehead is too. What to do. Curse the company or change the network. If nothing happens beyond this, then vent your anger on the mobile. Wait man, wait a minute. Drink cold water and do what we tell you. By doing this it is possible that your problem will be solved.

Software Update for better 5G Signal

The latest software in the phone is the biggest factor for a good network. Anyway, nowadays it is the era of 5G and most smartphone makers are pushing updates related to it. Regular software updates have been sent from all the companies in the last 6-8 months. Many times there is a technical upgrade from the network provider, which you do not get due to a lack of software updates on your phone. So go to the settings of the phone and if any update is visible then just press the button.

Try Changing the SIM can increase 5G Signal internet speed

Last year, when the 5G network was knocking in the country, there was a lot of confusion regarding the SIM. One news would come that the SIM would have to be changed, and in the other, it would be said that the old one would work. When the network came, it came to know that work has been done on the old sim only. Because there was a 4G to 5G network upgrade, no major technical change.

Amidst the confusion, we forgot one thing. Sim old is fine, but how old? Most people have years old sim. Remember when the network was moving from 3G to 4G, the SIM had to be changed. Even now this method is very effective. It is possible that your phone may have a cut 4G SIM. Change it. The whole process takes a few minutes. Network operators also recommend this.

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Network Antenna Problem

Also, find out whether your phone is not getting a low signal only. It means to say that if other phones at home or the office are receiving very good signals, then the problem may be with your phone and not with the network. No need to be angry, because gadgets do not claim to be immortal. Malfunctions may occur. It is possible that your mobile may have been accidentally dropped and the antenna may have been damaged. In such a situation, you will either need to change the network antenna of the phone or get a new phone.

Use of Cellular Repeater

Signals are good at home, but if there is a signal problem in some rooms, then a cellular repeater will be a better and cheaper option for you. As the name suggests. This device increases the range of the signal. A good cellular repeater will be easily available between 2500 to 6000 rupees. By the way, use this remedy only when nothing else works. Place the antenna of the cellular repeater in such a place where at least 2 bar of signal comes. One important thing. Always buy the repeater from a good company because there may be some problems in installing it. Therefore technical support may be required.

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