400 RPM Ceiling Fan Price 1300 Rupees Offers High-Speed Fast Cooling

Ceiling fans are such a device, which is used the most in summer. It is useful for keeping the room cool. The thing that needs to be taken care of the most while buying a ceiling fan is the speed. If your choice is a high-ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with a high speed of 400 RPM can provide better cooling even in extreme heat. These fans can also be used for home or office. Let us tell you about some high-speed ceiling fans that come with 400 RPM, which will help you fight this heat.

These are The 3 Best High-Speed 400 RPM Ceiling Fans Starting Price is Rs 1300

Usha Racer 400 RPM Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 400 RPM Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer ceiling fan is also a high-speed fan. This is a simple fan, which is designed to deliver good performance at low voltage. The fan has a glossy powder-coated finish and electric steel lamination, which helps extend its lifespan. The fan is powered by a 100% copper motor that promises 210 cms of air delivery. It has a very high lift angle in the blade for better wind. Its maximum speed is 400 RPM (Revolutions per minute). The company gives 2 years manufacturing warranty on this product. This fan consumes 78W of power. Check the current price of this product on Amazon.

Havells Aeroking Ceiling Fan

Havells Aeroking Ceiling Fan Aeroking 1200 mm RPM 400 High Speed Ceiling Fan

Havells Aeroking Ceiling Fan Aeroking 1200 mm RPM 400 comes with a wide blade design. This ensures the circulation of air in every corner of the room. It operates at a speed of 400 rpm, which gives you the perfect cooling effect to tackle the scorching heat. You can change the fan speed at your convenience. It comes with 4 to 5-speed settings. It has a great finish which makes it look beautiful. This will also enhance the look of the interior of your home. The fan gives a really good performance with low power consumption. You can currently buy this fan on Amazon. If you want an extended warranty on this fan you check out Amazon.

Candes Star High Ceiling Fan

Candes Star High Ceiling Fan

Candes Star High Ceiling Fan with 400 RPM comes with a corrosion-resistant design, which makes the fan maintain its good quality. This also increases the life of the fan. It is equipped with advanced dust repellant technology, which is less dust attractant, making the fan easier to clean and maintain. It comes with Dynamically Balanced Blades, which help in maintaining cooling throughout the room. It has a powerful motor that works at a high speed of 400 RPM. Double-shield ball bearings give the fan a sturdy and durable design. It comes with a matte finish with beautiful trims. It adds charm to the design of the fans. It will also make the interior of the house beautiful. Check the current price of this 400 RPM ceiling fan on Amazon. The company gives 3 years warranty on it.


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