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Difference between Smartwatches and LTE Smartwatches

What’s the difference between smartwatches and LTE smartwatches?

The difference between smartwatches and LTE smartwatches is that the LTE model is equipped with an eSIM that enables cellular functionality which allows it to make and receive calls without connecting to your phone, thus it’s a standalone smartwatch. The Bluetooth model can also make and receive calls, but it needs to connect to your phone.

What are the benefits of having an LTE smartwatch?

Having an LTE smartwatch allows you to link to your carrier’s data plan without the connection of your phone. This means you can take calls, listen to music, use apps, send messages and take part in all the other usual smartphone frivolities, just without your phone being present.

In addition to that, having the convenience of keeping your smartphone at home and still being able to listen to music or attend calls is quite useful. You might not always be able to whip out your phone when you are cycling or traveling. With your LTE-activated watch, you can still check for directions while not needing to reach for your pocket.

What are some good LTE smartwatches?

Here are some of the best LTE smartwatches you can buy:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: This is the best LTE watch for Android phone users. Samsung melds the benefits of Wear OS with its excellent health sensor suite, making the Galaxy Watch 5 the most complete package on the market.
  • Apple Watch Series 8: Unsurprisingly, Apple’s latest wearable is the best LTE watch for iPhone users.
  • Google Pixel Watch: Fitbit doesn’t offer 4G LTE smartwatches, but the Google Pixel Watch is the closest you’ll get.

What are some other features of an LTE smartwatch?

Some of the features of an LTE smartwatch include:

  • Portability: You don’t need to carry your phone around all the time. LTE smartwatches can send and receive messages on their own, hook up to music streams, use various fitness apps that require a connection, etc.
  • Cellular connectivity: LTE smartwatches allow you to make/receive calls or texts without your phone.
  • Downloading new workout songs while you’re working out.
  • Getting new running routes loaded to your watch.

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What are the benefits of having a Bluetooth smartwatch?

Some of the benefits of having a Bluetooth smartwatch include:

  • Easier to carry with you.
  • More accessible than a phone.
  • Can serve as a fitness tracker and be far more accurate than a phone.
  • Can help you stay connected without losing precious minutes.
  • Can be used to track fitness.
  • Can be used to find your phone and key.
  • Can play music.
  • Can be used for navigation.
  • Can make and receive calls.

What are some good smartwatches?

There are many good smartwatches available in the market. Some of the best smartwatches are:

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