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Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Online Price

Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Online Price: If you are thinking of buying a chimney (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) for your modern kitchen, then let us tell you that the problem with most budget chimneys is that it makes a lot of noise. Due to this, sometimes working in the kitchen is not very easy. Apart from this, there is also noise from kitchen appliances like a mixer grinder and fridge in the kitchen. If you want a fireplace that reduces noise, then there are many such options (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) available in the market. Let us tell you about some such silent kitchen chimneys (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India), which will be perfect for your kitchen.

Kitchen Chimneys Buying Guide

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Do You Know?

Noise: Chimneys operate between 60-80dB sound level. Higher suction capacity often leads to higher sound levels.

Installation: Most brands charge ~Rs 500 for wall-mounted chimneys, ~Rs 1500 for island-mounted chimneys. Ducting costs between Rs 500-1000 depending on the length of the pipe. Drilling and core cutting needs to be done before the brand technician arrives.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Chimney

Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Online Price

1) Mounting

Wall-mounted:  Chimney is fitted against the wall. These are designed for traditional kitchens where stoves are located near the wall. There is minimal duction/pipes required.

Ceiling mounted/Island chimney: Chimney is fitted in the center of the kitchen, These are designed for modern island-shaped kitchens where the stove is located in the center. There are substantial ducting/pipes required.

2) Popular Technologies

Auto-clean chimneys: When the chimney is working, the coil that covers the motor gets heated up for 10 to 20 mins. The oil gets liquidized and is let out. The chimney stops after auto cleaning itself.

Ductless  Chimneys:  Unlike a ducted chimney, which vents the air to the outside, a ductless chimney consists of a fan (or a blower, motor) with a charcoal filter that sucks up grease particles, heat, smells, and smoke, filters it, and then recirculates it back into the kitchen, This is especially useful when there is no exit vent from the kitchen.

3) Design

4) Choose The Right Chimney


Kitchen Size

Cooking Style

5) Filter Type

The types and filter surface area determine the quality of filtration. Typically, a higher number of filters indicates a higher surface area.

Mesh/cassette filter

Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Mesh/cassette filter

Layers of Aluminium mesh overlapping each other. When the air passes through the filter, oil, and grime adhere to the layers. The pores get clogged very soon and affect the performance of the chimney. Requires cleaning every fortnight.

Maintenance: Warm soapy water/detergent. Can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Cleaning is easier than baffle filters.

Baffle filter

Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Baffle filter

Layers of steel/aluminum are overlapped in a fashion that changes the direction of airflow. It uses the ‘cut and chops’ technology to separate oil and spices from the smoke. The suction power gets hardly affected even if the oil gets collected in the first layer. Perfect for Indian style of cooking.

Maintenance: Needs cleaning once in 5-6 months. Gets rusted with use. Some models have easy removal while others required a technician. The filters need to change in 4-5 years.

Charcoal Filters

Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India Charcoal filters

They are primarily used for odor absorption. It has a block with charcoal granules. The absorption capacity depends upon the thickness of the filter and the size of charcoal granules. It is used in Ductless chimneys.

Maintenance: Needs periodical replacement 3-6 months. It cannot be washed.

Advanced Features of Kitchen Chimneys

Auto heat sensor: It detects heat and oil particles and automatically switches on and off.

Indicator/buzzer: They have indicator lamps or alarms for filter cleaning or replacement.

10 Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India

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Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass, Silent Kitchen Chimney

This Curved Glass Auto Clean Chimney (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) from FABER is made of curved glass with a black finish, making it look beautiful. The chimney is 60 cm in size and can be useful for kitchens larger than 200 sq ft. It can be suitable for 2 to 4 burner stoves used in kitchens for heavy frying and grilling.

It is equipped with auto-clean technology. It also gets oil collectors along with 1200 cubic meters of suction capacity in the chimney. It features LED lights to enhance the cooking experience. It works through the touch control panel as well as gesture controls. The product is rated for up to 58dB of sound.

The online price of (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass Chimney is Rs 12,790. The company is offering 1 warranty on this product. You can also buy it from Amazon at a monthly EMI of Rs 602.

GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean Silent Kitchen Chimney

This auto-clean curved glass kitchen chimney from GLEN is made from a fusion of stainless steel. Curved strong glass is provided to make the product durable and reliable. Its latest technology ensures that the grease, oil, and fumes present in the kitchen are collected in the oil container for easy removal, which can be easily removed.

It (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) works with touch sensor controls. The thermal auto-clean function ensures good product performance. It is equipped with an energy-saving LED light, powerful copper motor with good suction capacity. In this, three-speed settings have been given according to the user’s use.

Its advanced design allows for noiseless operation with improved airflow. The online price of the (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) GLEN 60 cm Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney is Rs 13,495. The company is giving a 1-year warranty on this. You can buy it from Amazon at a monthly EMI of Rs 635.

Elica Deep Silent Kitchen Chimney

This is a deep silent chimney from ELICA, which is equipped with EDS3 technology. The good thing is that the chimney comes with a 3D baffle filter mesh (3D baffle filter mesh), which is easy to clean. The suction capacity of this (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) model is 1010 cubic meters per hour.

The fireplace has been provided with LED lamps to aid in cooking. It can be used easily through touch control. EDS3 technology topped with 360-degree tornadic suction helps in noiseless operation. There is a noise reduction of about 30 percent compared to other traditional chimneys and the chimney generates a sound of about 21 dB.

The (Best Silent Kitchen Chimney In India) chimney is modern and provides freedom from smoke, oil, etc. in the kitchen. The online price of Elica Deep Silent Chimney is Rs 23,990. The company is giving a 1-year warranty on this product. You can bring it home from Amazon at a monthly EMI of Rs 1,129.

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