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Best Wall Shelf Ideas For Home Office Starts Rs 1000

Best Wall Shelf Ideas
Best Wall Shelf Ideas For Home Office

Best Wall Shelf Ideas: Give a modern look to your home and office with these wall shelves, starting at Rs.1000.

Best Wall Shelf Ideas must read before buy.

Be it home or office, if both of these are clean, then you feel positive and the house or office also looks good. Nowadays, to keep the house or office clean, many multi-purpose shelves also come, with the help of which you can keep small things well in one place and can also decorate with it. If you also want to make your home, office, or studio attractive, then there are many types of accessories available in the market which also come in your budget, and also applying them changes the whole look of your room and the front. But the impression is also very good. In such a situation, floating wall shelves are very much in trend, often you must have seen them, in this report, we are telling you some of the best options with minimum budget, which you will like very much.

Vudy Wall Shelf

Vudy brand model (intersectings5) can also prove to be a good option for you. You will find this wall shelf made of engineered wood, which makes it strong and durable, and also you get 5 shelf options in which you can keep any decorative item according to your wish. You will get it in the size of 55.9 x 55.9 x 68.6 cm, which you can put in your home or office.

This wall shelf is easy to install and gives a stylish and elegant look to your home. You can apply it in any room of the house, balcony, bathroom, or even in the kitchen. Its simple design with rustic style gives a new look to your home and at the same time, it is multipurpose which you can use as an organizer in the living room, bedroom, or even as wall storage and bookshelf in the children’s room. You will get this product in the dual color of black or white and red and black and red and it is priced at Rs 1,399.

Bros Moon International Wall Shelf

You can also check out the Bros Moon International branded model (BMI98), which you will find made of engineered wood that makes the product strong and durable and available in a size of 38 x 10 x 30 cm. In this, you will get 6 wall-mounted shelves in which you can keep books, trophies, showpieces, and much more.

These wall shelves come with a modern look, which is very successful in giving a brand new look to your home, apart from home, you can put them in the office, balcony, or outside the corridor as well. The design of this shelf is attractive, which has been made keeping in mind the Indian homes and you can also prove to be a good option for gifting someone. It fits best in any corner of the house such as the living room wall shelf, bookshelf. You can buy this product in dual-color red and white and its online price is Rs 1,299.

Riya Creation Wall Shelf

If you are looking for a better wall shelf, you can check out the Ria Creation brand model (‎ RC0128). This you get hexagon shape 6 wall shelves whose built quality is very good in which you get 3 different sizes of shelves like a big shelf (11″x11″,3.5″), medium shelf (9″x9″x3.5) ) and smaller shelf (7″, 7″, 3.5″) sizes. These are made from MDF wood/engineered wood which makes them strong and durable.

It’s super easy to fit, just a screw and a wall plug, then you can hang it on the wall and place trophies, showpieces, flowerpots, and more. You can fit it in any room, balcony, kitchen, or even washroom of your house. It’s also easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe with a dry and damp cloth and it’ll be like new again. It will complement the walls of your home and office and give an elegant look. You can also use it as a multipurpose storage shelf, display rack, bookshelf, wall shelf, wall shelf wall mount. You can buy it in dual-color i.e. red and white color and its online price is Rs 1,099.

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