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Electronic Door Lock India Enhanced Security System

Electronic Door Lock India
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Electronic Door Lock India Enhanced Security System: Secure the cabinet, drawer, door with electronic locks, the price is not too high.

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Most of us keep our expensive items inside our cabinet drawers without any thought. However, keeping expensive goods anywhere in this way cannot be said to be better in terms of security. If you keep expensive items in cabinet drawers, then electronic locks can be useful for you. These devices can ensure that only authorized people can access the cabinet, keeping the theft away. If you are looking to buy this type of cabinet lock then make sure it offers a faster unlock speed. Let us know about some such electronic locks which can be useful for you.

Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Lock

The OZONE OZFL-201 electronic lock features scramble pin technology, which means you can enter any 16-digit number on the lock panel. As long as the original sequence is within 16 numbers, the lock will remain unlocked. This feature helps to ensure that even if someone is spying, they do not get to know the correct passcode. It also has a public mode.

This mode can be used if you need to open the cabinet drawer regularly. Keeps the lock unlocked in this position. The lock automatically secures once the drawer is closed, even if it is not manually locked. Apart from these features, the OZONE OZFL-201 electronic lock also comes with a low battery indicator, emergency USB charging, and a master pin code. The online price of Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Lock is Rs 2,990.

Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock

Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock can also be a good economical option for you. It also comes with the ability to rapidly unlock the lock. It can only unlock within 0.5 seconds. The lock is automatically secured after a few minutes of unlocking. Making sure that your belongings will be safe even if you forget to lock them.

This cabinet lock can record up to 40 fingerprints in its memory, which means only people you trust can access the cabinet. Also, since it can be charged with a micro-USB cable, it offers a smooth charging experience. You can also charge it with a power bank. In this, you also get features like AI memory, emergency charge, etc. The cost of Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock online is Rs.3,500.

Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock

Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock comes with AI intelligent chip support, which runs on a self-learning algorithm. This technology helps to improve the detection capability of the lock. Plus, it ensures that it gets unlocked within 0.5 seconds. The electronic lock has the capacity to store up to 20 fingerprints i.e. your entire family can access the cabinet safely and securely.

Also, it can be ensured that only an authorized person can add or remove fingerprints. Coming in a rechargeable design, this fingerprint lock can be easily charged via USB. Since it consumes minimum power. So it can last up to 180 days on a single full charge. It is easy to set up. Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock is priced at Rs. 11,095 on Amazon.

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