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Quit Smoking For Good In 10 Days Without Nicotine Replacements Or Relapses

Topic: Quit Smoking For Good In 10 Days Without Nicotine Replacements Or Relapses.

According to a 2015 survey of the FDA, about 55% of adult smokers in the United States had attempted to quit in the past year, and only 7% were successful in quitting for 6-12 months. In other words, many smokers wouldn’t even succeed at quitting smoking, and among the ones who would, the majority would relapse.

Why Should You Quit Smoking?

Why should I quit smoking? It’s a great question that sooner or later every smoker will ask themselves. We will all eventually get to that point. If you are reading this then you are probably there now.

You have been hearing it from your family and your friends, as more and more of them quit smoking, and then want to convert you. Then there is your doctor, who would make more money from you if you continued to smoke, but never the less he wants you to quit too. Your dentist may even get in on the act. Your teeth are getting yellow, do you smoke? Not to mention society in general. No smoking in restaurants, office buildings, pretty much any indoor public place. Where I live, even the bars have gone smoke-free. Times sure are changing.

Therefore we get to the point where we ask ourselves, Is this really worth it? When we are standing outside in January, freezing our collective butts off, that’s when we usually ask this question. We have to leave our desks every couple of hours. We make excuses like, I am going to get a coffee, might as well have a smoke while I am out.

I guess the things that bother me the most about smoking is the smell. We have seen our friends turn up their noses when they come into our house. Or the kids will get in the car and say Eww, it stinks in here. We don’t smell it on ourselves very much but believe me, it’s there.

I quit smoking about 8 years ago, cold turkey. I didn’t really miss it after a little while. During this time, I noticed a lot of things about smoking. First of all, everything smells like smoke. Your clothes, your house, and your car. Everything you use on a daily basis smells like smoke. I always had mild allergies. The whole time I smoked they seemed to bother me all the time. After I had quit for a while, my sinus cleared up. I felt like I could breathe better than before. Overall I just felt better and healthier.

Then about 2 years ago, when I had some stress in my personal life, I started smoking again. I know what you are thinking. DUMMY! So before long, I was right back where I was when I was smoking the first time. The noise problems started again. After about 1 year, I caught a cold that felt like it held on for about 6 months. Things that I know are directly related to smoking.

Which led me to ask myself a question, but I changed it around a little bit. I asked myself why shouldn’t I quit smoking.

  • Do I enjoy spending at least forty dollars a week smoking? No.
  • Do I like feeling like I have a cold for months at a time? No
  • Do I enjoy having a hard time climbing a few flights of stairs? No.

Whichever method you choose to quit smoking, remember to ask yourself these questions every day. This will help you to stay focused on your goal. If you need more incentive, but all the money you would spend on cigarettes in a jar. Don’t count it or think about it. After 1 year, open it up and you will be thrilled with yourself. Treat yourself to a vacation, knowing you have a long and healthy future ahead of you.

Quit Smoking In 10 Days Program

If you want to stop funding the smoking cessation companies and follow a guaranteed-to-work program, then you’ll love the Quit Smoking in 10 Days program. Over the past few years, I’ve brought together smoking cessation and health experts, to develop the most efficient, cost-effective and most importantly – suits anyone who wants to quit smoking for life. It’s not another CD, hypnosis session, or a book that promises to change your life with some unrealistic numbers. It is a complete program that we created to ensure you can enjoy a smoke-free and healthy way of living for the rest of your life.

Quit Smoking In 10 Days

Why Do Most People Fail To Quit Smoking And How?

Occasionally, you would hear the same old stories, on how people would just quit for 1, 2, or 3 weeks/months even years, and then return to the old habit. Not only that, they will come back and smoke even more and more. It is as if they are smoking with a vengeance!

Because they had to cover back the loss of cigarette intake while they were taking a break when they were trying to quit. It may seem funny or weird to you but this is true. It happens so often I’m sure you came across this situation at least once in your life before.

Did you know that according to statistics, only 10% or even less of those who tried to quit smoking only succeeded? Yes, even so, those who quitted smoking, are not guaranteed to stop forever.

So why did those people and so many of them fail? They were lacking a very important aspect. You see my friend, they were lacking of:

A STRONG Purpose To Quit Smoking!

This may seem oversimplified at first, but this is crucial in the preparation of quitting smoking. Not only do you need a purpose, but you must also have a purpose so strong that it almost certainly becomes a conviction for you to quit smoking. I’m sure you heard somewhere before that why is more important than how.

Without a purpose, regardless of whether you can quit smoking, you may pick in up in the future.

Here’s how you should create a strong purpose to quit smoking:

  1. Pick up a paper and write down how smoking has affected you in the past.
  2. Next, write down how smoking is affecting you presently.
  3. Followed by how smoking will 100% definitely affect you in the future.

You may relate any issues relating to this matter. Perhaps your family, loved ones, relatives, job, career, health, performance, your time, and money. You may relate how smoking has affected all those areas in your life.

The second reason why people fail to quit smoking is that many people do not know how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. In the process of quitting smoking, many suffer from various symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, and irritation.

Soon one may lose concentration and would be utterly paralyzed because of the addiction.

6 Reasons Why This Program Is The Best You Will Find

No Special Equipment: You don’t need to use any special item but following the program as it is.

Easy To Follow: All you have to do is to follow a few short videos and a few simple tasks.

Healthy And Safe: Our program is based on years of experience of smoking cessation experts to ensure you will quit smoking without any side effects. Safety first.

Based On Experience: Our program is based on real former smokers’ experience who succeeded. It has been tested on hundreds of people across the globe to make sure it could suit anyone.

Straightforward: It will take only 10 days to complete the program and to start a new way of living

Final: With this program, you won’t smoke ever again. No relapses. This is the last and the only program you will ever need to purchase.

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