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How to use Google Map without unlocking your phone

Google Maps is one of Google‘s products that we use day by day. With the help of Google Map app, you can easily travel to an unknown place. Apart from this, you can explore the place of your choice with the help of this app without the internet connection. Today I will tell you how an iPhone user can use Google Maps without unlocking iPhone screen using Google Map app.

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Actually, Google Maps Lockscreen widget works like a shortcut. When you enable it, you can use the app without unlocking the iPhone screen. That is, you can get information in seconds of any direction without opening the app. To set up you just have to follow some easy steps for this that are written below.

How to use Google Maps without unlocking iPhone step by step guide

Step 1: You’ll have to swipe your iPhone’s screen. With this, you will be able to see the installed widget on your phone screen.

Step 2: Now, you need to scroll down to add a Google Maps widget to the screen. Here you will see the Edit button underneath all the install widget, tap on it.

Step 3: After clicking on the Edit button, you will see a new screen. Here you will see a list of all the widgets that are available on the phone. Here you will also see a Google Directions widget. Tap on it.

Now you can see the Google Maps widget on the bottom of your iPhone widget screen. Here you can find the direction, approximate distance and time of any place. The main thing here is that you do not have to unlock your iPhone’s screen for this. But You can follow any place with the help of Arrow on the Google Directions widget.


If you want to delete the Google Directions widget, you’ll have to scroll down exactly the same way. After that click on the edit button and then tap on the red minus icon.

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