andy rubin essential phone finally lives anti iphone

Andy Rubin Essential Phone Finally Lives Anti-iPhone

Andy Rubin Essential Phone finally live Anti-iPhone Here is a very good news for all Smartphone users. The father of Android finally revealed their first smartphone that is known as the Essential phone. you can also say about this phone that this is an Anti-iPhone. This phone will definitely create a big challenge for iPhone, Pixel and other […]

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Easily Identify Refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Easily Identify Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Samsung is working on refurbished models of the botched Galaxy Note 7 which was plagued by battery fire incidence last year. The units are said to be known as Galaxy Note 7R. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R model recently received Bluetooth certification and to identify the refurbished model company has created a unique […]

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can imagine oneplus 5 camera power

Can you Imagine The OnePlus 5 Camera Power?

Can you Imagine The OnePlus 5 Camera Power? Can Imagine OnePlus 5 camera power? Yes, I’m talking about OnePlus’s upcoming flagship and most powerful smartphone OnePlus 5. And the camera is much better than previous all OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus has begun teasing on its features which indicate that its launch date is arriving soon. It has […]

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