Samsung New Patent Shows notch display design Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung new Patent shows a Notch Display design, Samsung Galaxy S10

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The Notch Display is the latest trend for smartphones. At initial Sharp Aquos lineup was coming with notch display design. After it, Essential also utilized. Then after Apple launched iPhone X with the notched-display design. And after iPhone X, every smartphone manufacturer is utilizing this trend.

When we talk about Samsung, the company has launched Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagships after iPhone X but he didn’t feature the notched-display. But now, Samsung has also joined notch-display design club and filed the patent for a notch-display design.

One of the patent images shows the front design is as same as iPhone X. The design shows the top bezel cut-out that houses the front camera and sensors. The rear design includes a dual rear camera setup with a flashlight. There is no fingerprint scanner is available on the rear side or front side of the phone image in the patent file.

On the other hand, the second patent images show a full-screen display a true-bezel-less display. There is no notch available on the front side of the phone. While on the rear side the image shows a single camera setup, but there is also fingerprint scanner is unavailable. Samsung may introduce the in-display fingerprint. The front side of the phone also shows no front camera, means it may indicate the front camera and other primary sensors will be under the display.

Samsung’s newly filed patent may likely be used on the Galaxy S10.

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