Android P launches on August 20 this year; rumor image suggests

We all are excited to know the name of Google‘s next-gen Android OS version. Google has released five developer preview of Android P but didn’t reveal the name instead letter “P”. The name is still a mystery. We are waiting for the official launch of Android P with a good name. The latest rumor is surrounding that Google will soon […]

Android P official name Revealed, Know what is it called, Android P official name

Before every official launch of Android new version people always guess the new name of next android version. and Google also announces the same name according to people guess. This year the tradition also shifted to Android P. Google didn’t announce the name of Android P. It was expected that Google will also reveal the name of Android […]

Android P beta 2: 157 new emoji, included properly cooked bacon

Google’s Android P beta just got more expressive in 157 ways thanks to the launch of Developer Preview 2 today. It includes 157 new (and modified) emoji, as well as including final APIs, latest system images and updated tools for developers. Google’s update is meant to encourage developers to make use of features like Adaptive […]

OnePlus 6: No wireless charging only a glass back, why?

The new OnePlus 6 has almost everything you’d want in a flagship phone for a very affordable price, but it is missing one feature we expected: wireless charging. It’s surprising because the OnePlus 6 has a glass back, a switch from the aluminum shell on the OnePlus 5T and all OnePlus phones before it (except […]

Android P phones work with wireless Android Auto

Kenwood has shared via press release that Google is actually working to bring wireless Android Auto to select Android Oreo devices. This is good news if your phone wasn’t one of the phone confirmed to receive the P beta. Which phones will it support? Google hasn’t yet shared, but keep a lookout for more information […]

Android P may Introduce Advanced Call Blocking Feature

XDA-Developers recently updated “we’re nearing the release of the first Android P Developer Preview (judging by how much activity has died down in AOSP)”. XDA also reported that the next major version of Android possibly brings support for IRIS Scanner. According to XDA-Developers Android P may feature an advance stock dialer app. Sony Engineers are working on a ton of carrier-related changes […]